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CHC International - good/bad?

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you sure read a lot into my original mail, maybe I didn't write it so well. I thought I clarified what I said earlier. To wrap this up as I will not comment on my comments again, 412 is a very good friend of mine and so are some of his Malaria riddled buddies. I know nothing of you or your history with CHC local or whatever they are called there. I live many time zones away from Canada so could not reply earlier to your last. No one is accusing anyone of lying. Lets move on.

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Honest opinions on CHC?..thats a great topic but you might find it difficult to get a straight answer. CHC management reads these forums and ....well... you connect the dots!

I've spent many a tour in that '****hole' earlier referred to as Malabo as well as a host of other bases in CHC's dossier. Malabo has had it's up and downs and those ups and downs have been more driven by poor management than malaria (which is relatively easy to avoid with some self discipline and proper meds)

It seems the industry is plagued by poor management skills and this rears it's head most often as a company grows. Far too often people are placed in charge of other people with little or no training, using this 'promotion' to further their own careers. Ask anyone in the industry , for instance, when the last time someone sat down with them and recieved a proper evaluation, or how many times rumour and innuendo replaced fact and objectivity. Its a plague that takes its toll but we tend to ignore as long as it doesn't bite our *** and hey....we've got such a cool job bigsmile:]

The industry has a long way to go to pull it's head out of the bush and become truly professional. I would hazard to guess that CHC is marginally ahead of some operators with respect to this. If you find yourself 'taken into the fold' and learn the secret handshake, you will enjoy a long and interesting career. The pay is pretty on par with other international offshore operators but to reach this, the company builds in the tax advantage.7.gifInteresting to read earlier about working with South Africans...great bunch for the most part, not nearly so overly earnest as Canadians and much more straight foward without the tendency we have to over complicate things.....but this would lead into an even more interesting albeit politically incorrect thread!


Blue Sky Up....Greasy Side Down!


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