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Guest sharky

Helilog, 67N, not trying to be harsh or studly; we're letting Hueylover get off too easy. Come on, you post a conquest on a public website, ya gotta be prepared for some feedback.


HL's preaching to the choir, we've all been there. Never on a first date though B)

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huh, I'd say there was no conquesting going on there at all.


My guess is...she got a helicopter ride, and he made a friend.


It ain't always what it seems methinks. To put it in perspective...nice looking girl....ugly helicopter pilot with maybe a pleasing disposition. what else could it be??


Just kidding....ugly is probably too harsh a word.


Seriously though, hope you both had fun. She looks like a cool kid.




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This thread reminded me of a funny quote:


" Why do men chase women they can't marry ?


For the same reason dogs chase cars they can't drive. "

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