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Really, Why Are We Here?

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Murdoch...if You are a fan of Janine then check out episodes of


(Northern Exposure)


yeah, might be worth checking out... but really it's because she's a good looking woman in/flying a helicopter.


1. Either real busy at work. :) OR

2. Busy havin' a great time with new friend. :rolleyes: OR

3. Slowly recovering from serious injuries sustained when she discovered her photo on the internet. :P OR

4. All of the above. :D




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Guest Bullet Remington
407D: We seriously gotta talk!


NAAAAAAAAAAAAh, TQN, won't do any good, once ya baaaaaaak a sheep,

you never go bAAAAAAAAAAAk! :blink::wacko::P


To answer the question, "Why we are here?? I really can't speak for anybody else, but for me,


It's the respect i get from the owners and the drivers, the prestige, the recogniztion, the satisfaction of being appreciated , the...the...


ah fugghit, I ain't gettin the job, am I??? :down: :shock: :P


The truth is, I'm an aviation whore/mercenary. I do it for the day rate!! :lol:


Hey I'm back from camp. So number 1 was correct. Number 2 definitely correct! Number 3 not correct. It was actually with her permission, so there! Just another chapter in As The Stomach Turns!


Maybe we should start a thread with those types of photos! :up:





OK, as my kids say..KEWELLl!!


But from the perspective of a Crusty Old Bast@$D, Holy Beer Money and Tips, Batman!! What the heck were you thinking??


You spent all that money, gave hear a $1200.00 ride in a 5 million dollar machine AND she still got all her clothes on?? WHO DID YOUR TRAINING, YOUNG MAN?? i WANT TO HAVE A CHAT WITH THEM!! lol


Either someone's gettin Pwhipped or tryin too feakin hard!! LOL


Like the idea of a pix post! unfortunately if i posted, I'd only disappoint all you younger fellas. Maybe get 407 a little perked up, but really disappoint you younG guns!!


Then again, maybe some of us old bast@$%s would end up failing our medical because of the blood pressure increase??LOL

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back when i was single....... :P


took a couple peelers for a ride. stopped on a riverbank north of ft nelson and took some "nice" photos.......... :up:


but this is a family site so sorry boys and girls...can't post em'........ :down:



ok...ok.... to be honest, the future mrs 412driver found them and sent them off to the burn pile...... :(





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yep, been there done that too, right in the Ft nelson hanger in Cam's baby.....betcha he'd be a little angry if he knew some skank was on his blessed blue seat cover.


My wife burned my pics too......




Saw those pic's one tour in the Ft. one of the most nicely appointed 206's I've ever seen. Bell should equip them all like that. Definitely put an end to the Bell Vs. whatever threads.

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