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Balancing Equipment


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I have used the RADS, 8500 and currently use the DSS microvibe. I have tried all 3 systems on 407, 206B & L, AS350. Each has it benefits but no system is perfect. The 8500 I used was an older model and prone to breaking down, but when it was servicable it worked well. I believe the newer models are better.


The Microvibe I currently use is impressive, especually when you look at the cost compared to some of the other systems. I like the fact that it does not require aircraft power to operate and that it is small compared to the other systems. I have found that the menus can be pain to navigate (Read: a lot of button pushing) and that the contol panel does not like to be used in the rain.


PM me if you want more info on the DSS

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I used the 8500 in the past and we currently use the Microvib II with the optical tracker. I found the microvib to be light years ahead of the 8500! Much smaller, no discs to screw around with, and you also get to tell it exactly what change you made so it calibrates itself to each application every time. You can also do multiple changes per run even if you don't know what you're doing.

No tip targets, no aircraft power required, no bulky boxes or printers to fudge with, we do all our aircraft (Medium, R44, 120 and Astars) fenestron, short shaft, cooling fans and Engine vibration analysis all for under $10000.

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I've used all the Chadwick systems, from the 177, 2000, and 8500.


I find the 2000 to be the simplest and easiest to use. Uses internal battery power. Don't use tip targets.

Just read clock angle and ips, plot on a graph, and make your adjustments.

I can usually balance the short shaft on an AS350 within 3 runs, to 0.1ips.

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should come and try a 214 and be a man , girl blades just aint that hard . We use the 2000 , but i do prefer the aces that i borrowed from e&b as it can fine tune the rpm i need for nodel tuning .

I appreciate a person who can who is up to the challenge of strobing , I've seen many who fall apart when the chart just dosen't work .

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