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Life Insurnace (again)

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I know this was asked, and answered, on the ''other'' board in the winter, but, alas, it is lost to me now....

Anyway, does anybody know where I can have less than $2.50 per $1000.00 premium added on to my life insurance policy for ''charter'' helicopter work? Every year I complain...but it stays the same.





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Bruised, I just got a load of life ins with TransAmerica. They don't seem to be as spooked by aviation as some. I know a decent broker in North Bay (his brother's a helicopter pilot) who may be able to help. I'm only paying about $0.16/1000 on a 20-year term life policy, and I'm 42.


State Farm was the worst - they wanted over $100/month in addition to the premium because I used to be a test pilot. Guess what I told them?
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