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Student pilot permit/Medical validity period

Guest sharky

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Guest sharky

CAR 404.04 (6)© States that a medical certificate is valid for 24 months if that person is a holder of a student pilot permit.


I''ve been on the phone all day trying to get some further interpretation on this.


This particular student is on a commercial course, and his medical exam date was 15 months ago. Is he now expired? Or does 404.04 (6c) apply? And if it does, is he able to do his written exam and his flight test under this 2yr-SPP medical?


If so, it would be probable that the second the SPP was endorsed on the back for a temporary CPL, THEN, he would be invalid, until the medical was completed?


One TC official said he would not be able to write his exam until he produced a valid medical. And another said that he should be fine under the 2 yr SPP rule.


Why doesn''t he just schedule a medical, would be the simplest solution, but;


The student is reluctant to do his medical here, because he requires an extensive audiogram (sort of trend monitoring) for a pre-existing hearing problem. He qualified for a Class 1 medical, but wants to wait until he goes back to his home province to undertake the medical/audiogram, where is his file is on hand at the hearing clinic, in his hometown....instead of paying the shipping and handling to have it all sent out here.


Questions, comments, opinions???

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Guest sharky

Yup, 3051 phone calls later. Medical is valid for 5 yrs if one is a student pilot. She said "You tell the woman at the examination office that this man is allowed to write. Give her my name"


Thank you very much.

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