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We should start a thread on tales and folklore but it would likely overload the server.


You folks still have ROV at the 'Jet?


As for snakes, there is a skull of a King Cobra that fills a one gallon glass bottle. Imagine the length of the body. We see them on occasion here in Songkhla but haven't been many on the runway lately, too hot for them.



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I have flown in all the countries surrounding Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin but never had the opportunity to venture into Nigeria.


Africa is an experience that must be lived to appreciate, after a while it grows on you.


Did 13 trips to Africa and have seen most of the continent and it has been well worth while...**** I even lived to tell about it.


Will be heading down to South Africa again soon to finish one last commitment.


So if you want adventure, go to Africa.


Stay away from the night fighters.


Rev. Chas...

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Agreed night fighters bad.


on 3rd tour now in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Feel free to PM me for info.

Things have changed here lately. The bullet holes in the new 76 were a result of crossfire between security and some bank robbers, but that happened last year. 2 cases of malaria last month. Got reasonable internet though. for what that's worth. I'm out after this one. Hope this helps

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For some interesting debate on the "Dark Continent" you might enjoy logging on to the Professional Pilots Rumour Network... www.pprune.org

Check out the non-airline forums and click on "Rotorheads" where you will find a thread "What's new in West Africa". I am sure that it may educate and entertain those in the domestic vfr world, to read what the international ifr guys have to put up with.

The grass may appear greener from hearsay and stories told but in actual fact one should be careful what they wish for.

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