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Cleaning Windows

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With some of the bugs a brillo pad followed by sandpaper would be my prefered approach. You know just keep working your way down to polishing paste until things are good and shiny clean...if this technique dosen't leave enough time for flying all the better because the windows won't get dirty as often. When it's time to pay the bills just plain old water my hand and a chamois seems to keep things clean.

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Although the company I work for is using 210, (same process as mentioned by most above) we used to use pledge years ago, but I cannot remember why we never used lemon. Will it etch the plastic windows?? Can someone refresh my memory??


Whether it is true or not I am no expert. I was told in 1987 that there is real lemon used in the manufacturing process. Lemon is acidic and may be the reason for the etching.


And yes, up and down in a straight line is the best.


In my former life starting as a base pilot, sharing three to five aircraft, I would clean my machine and windows at the end of a long day. I soon learned that that was a mistake as the next morning, my nice clean machine would be gone and I'd be left with someone elses dirt pile.


If the windows are clean but covered in dew or very light frost, a quick pail of water before hitting the starter works great. Once airborne, the airflow dries it clear without streaks. Try it sometime.



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Psssst. You guys do floors and walls, too? Yer good! :)

yes TQN, pilot dudes do do dew-ed windows - that is if they want to continue to see, live, thrive, and survive! :D


p.s. - thanks for the re-education and ammo, y'all - I was just having the straight-up-and-down-with-bare-hands :up: vs. circular-motion-with-paper-towels <_< windscreen cleaning "discussion" recently! Tends to be one of those conversations that starts, "ALWAYS..., no wait, NEVER..., no wait, SOMETIMES..."

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I use water mixed with a bit of vinager, gets the windows very clean, inside and out, and yes, use cotton clothes, they work great for sure. And once I clean the windows squeeky clean, I put on the 210 and works great, and when it needs cleaning again, I just repeat as I see fit. always polish the windows so there is no residue aswell so, I don;t get that pain in the butt glare as you make an approach towards the sun.


My two cents....................

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Interesting that you mention Sunlight by brand, GoldMember. Not to sidetrack (okay, but only for one second :P), but I once held and fed a bat that some truckers had tried to drown in a steel drum of oil. <_< The rehabilitators bathed him in nothing but Sunlight, swearing it was the only product gentle enough to cut through the grime without doing any harm. So thar ya go! Sunlight's good stuff regardless of application. ;)

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