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Looking For Info On Faa Licence


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Looking to work outside of Canada for the winter months. Thinking of getting FAA licence and looking in the U.S. Just wondering if anyone has any ifo on this. With the new security is it possible to get a work visa anymore? Are there any other options? I have about 2500hrs PIC and looking for any kind of work.




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The hardest part is being legal to work in the US. Work permits are becoming harder to get. Usually you have to work for a company that works on both sides of the border for a year, then they can apply for a work permit which is good for somewhere between 1-5 years. Unless you have direct family in the US this is about the only way to get a permit.


To get an FAA license you have to do an FAA background check that takes about 6 weeks to get back, one written exam, a flight test (you must fly at least 3 hours with a US instructor prior) and get issued a private US license which is done just by presenting your commercial Canadian license to an FAA office. Chinook Helicopters in Abbotsford does US licenses and they have an FAA examiner that comes up for the check ride. Hope this answers some of you questions. :)

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