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What About Family Issues?


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Maybe this topic is out of place, but I am just curious about your opinion in how family affects or not your career....

I've been an AME for sometime now, working the regulars, like bush camps on one month tours and the likes... wife's never complaint yet......it is been going on for about 6 years now...... I was planning into going all the way and do both, drive and fix, become a pilot-engineer, I like what I do....... but now here is the catch, a baby is on its way, the wife has not complaint yet, but I don't know how hard now things are going to be with the baby and all that.....

I am thinking into maybe going to the dark side, the fixed wing thing (just so I get to sleep home every night).....in fact I already have an offer....... but it is very hard to decide which way to go........

I thought about asking here you guys, for those of you who have families of your own, how do you manage that, how do you combine both worlds without conflicts...., maybe it is a case by case situation, but still I think it must be interesting your opinions or experiences.

Cheers !!!

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do what you need to, some families make it work, some don't. mine personally handled it with out a problem for a number of years, then it was me who decided to stay home. the current work schedule required me to change directions somewhat, but now I'm a 9-5ish job making a little less money, but the family couldn't be happier.

I want to keep my foot in the door for feild experience, so I'm keeping that option open, but I sure won't be going back to a full time camp schedule. Buts thats how I want it and right now, thats what I'm going to take.

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I've been doing the bush thing for about 7 years (wow has it been that long) and my wife hasn't said a peep about it. But now we are talking about starting a family. this changes every thing I've talked alot of older pilots and engineers who say you miss everything their first step, first day of school etc. So now I work for myself so I can pick and choose who I work for. If I want to go out of town I do, If I don't want to go out of town I don't. I guess in the end it just comes down to whats more important to you. Personaly work dosn't come before my family and I will give this job up in a second for them !!!



thats my two cents






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I've been doing field work for over 19 years now. You certainly miss out on a lot of milestones in your family life. Never been home on the first day of school. The first time they started walking, talking, etc.


My wife has some strong family support, which has made a big difference in our lives. There's always been someone there to lend a helping hand when I'm not around.


One option thats always available is a base job. Home pretty much every night.


...Bubba's starting a family...? :shock: :up: :up:

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Was flying back from the winter work with the chief pilot of the company. Just chatting in the front about the coming summer and the plans for the same. He told me his last kid was going into grade 12 (last of three) and he was hoping that over the summer they could maybe go camping together. He had never gone camping with any of his kids.

I spent 16 years doing field and hanger work, moved out to a teaching job. My kids are 8 and 10 and this week we ARE going camping.

Yes I had an understanding wife and was able to leave and come back with not much stress on the family life but was it worth missing the birthdays and christmas concerts, or even just a trip to the beach. Easy answer NO.......

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