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What About Family Issues?


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I should clarify my previous post....


I did the Pool gig for about 4 years, and never really liked it. Moving from town to town, from camp to camp was not all that much fun. Trying to find a decent meal at 9 PM in Ft Nelson (in 1979) was next to impossible, same for breakfast at 0600. Never knowing the customer, the terrain, the job, etc was tough, especially back at 500 hrs. on the plus side, I did see a lot of great country, and meet a lot of good people, but I realized that it was not for me.


I may feel that I work 7 days a week now, but ... it's my own fault, I believe that you get out of it what you put into it. The reason that I get called at home by my customers, after hours, on holidays (that's right now!), ...is because I have all of their loyal business. If I don't want the headaches and the calls, I know a keen young :P fellow next door that is totally willing to take them off of my hands (right D.D. ? :D )

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JLMG, I had a great base manager job and gave it all up for bigger things and chasing fires. I was at home for all of my first daughters 2.5 years and loved it. Now I am away and missing my secound daughters firsts. It sucks but if you have an understanding wife wich I am lucky enough to have you can make it work. The pool thing is fun but like others have said it can get old. Do what your gut tells you, I know it was alot harder than I thought it was going to be away from the kids, and wife but absence make the heart grow fonder.


My 2 cents

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If you're a half decent engineer and/or pilot, you have no worries. You can literaly pick and choose the kind of jobs you want; base, pool, international, fix or rotary wing, small town or big city. There are plenty of oppertunities out there for you to choose, you should have no problem finding a happy medium of good family life and satisfying job.

However, if it comes down to it and you have to choose, it's like 412d said: "a happy wife = a happy life"!!


P.S. I hear the RCMP is looking for a mech in Calgary, might be worth looking into. $60 000 a year looking after one new Astar.......

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Ha Ha..........I remember going through Pemberton what seems like way back when and one of the guys there said "Do you have a girlfriend or wife". "Yes" I said. "Not for long" was is responce. I thought he was full of s##t, but boy was he right!!! One summer of flying and she was GONE!!!

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