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RCMP adding EC350B3 to London

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Another addition to Southern Ontario is the RCMP adding a B3 with all the bells and whistles. The aircraft is to be based at the London Airport. Start up date is unknown at this time.


####, would you have information that can be disclosed???????? or maybe not.


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G.L. will be taking the reigns on the London machine. He'll be missed out west (again).


There's apparently another new b3 slated for Fredericton deployment very soon. (I believe they're scouting 407Driver for that job. They just need him to get some more recent 350 time through CHL first. Then off to eastern Canada he can go.)


Ask CTD what he thinks of the choice of EC products over the BH407 in this case.

hmmmmmm....Canadian (liberal)government..... will they choose the frenchmobile or the model manufactured in Texas? hmmmmm........ Mind you it's unlikely that a partisan government would ever meddle in such a highly technical endeavour as imposing their preference of a suitable helicopter type for a peripheral arm of the national governance. 9.gif


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