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As350/355 Blade Pins


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We are operating in the salty air of coastal BC, which is quite hard on the blade pins. We have tried a variety of products to lube the pins, to different levels of success. The former staff used Moly (Which was terrible.) In an effort to improve life of the pins, we have tried 355 graphited grease, (Better), and Lubriplate (The best so far, but sometimes it seems to get washed out). We have been told about 'Blue Grease', and we will be trying it next. We paint the pins with dry graphite first, and it is obvious that it helps if it is baked on.

My question is, what have you guys been using? What is your experience with these products? Is there other products out there that work well? Any insight would be appreciated. I would especially like to hear from those of you that are operating in the Gulf of Mexico, as it is an even harsher environment.


Helimat :clue:



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I won't comment on one particular type (G355 is my choice), but the bottom line is frequently remove them and clean them, if they're stuck at 100hrs, try 50 hour intervals. pay particular attention to the limits in the book, scrap them is it's questionable. The molykote 3400A is the best product to paint them with, the dry graphite usually flakes off, the molykote doesn't.

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We found using graphite lube actually absorbed moisture, holding it between the pin and bore surfaces, so on our twinstars we've just started gun blueing the pins every 100hrs, and 355 grease..... we did notice a reduction in rust and pitting amounts....
Do you mean 355 straight on the pin, without painting them? I forgot to mention that we have been gun blueing the pins regularly, but probably not every 100 hours. That is worth a try for sure...


The molykote 3400A is the best product to paint them with, the dry graphite usually flakes off, the molykote doesn't.


As for the molykote 3400A, it sounds like it is molybdenum based, is it? We had used a dry moly paint, with moly grease as well, and the pins were fading fast. When doing some research, we found that moly turns into acid when mixed with water, so we are wary of it. That's when we started trying different products... That being said, if you have been using it to some success, it is worth a try as well. If so, where can it be procured at? It is also worth mentioning that we have noticed a huge improvement in the life of the graphite paint when we bake it.


Thanks guys and keep 'em coming!

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the molykote 3400A is the specific product that the pins are coated with at the factory and at overhaul. used in conjunction with the gun blue it's much harder wearing than the moly spray from an aerosol. The 3400A is baked on as well and i believe it's a fairly high temp, but I'll check the can in the morning and tell you what it says.

Being a MolyKote product, you'd just have to source a supplier, maybe some industrial supply stores or paint shops can source it for you, I'm not sure who supplies us, but I can check too.


Most pins that show wear and corrosion don't pass the checks, and are scrap, so if you're recoating with gun blue every hundred hours (worn off gun blue shows there is wear happening) be vigilant with the dimension checks, at some point they will be beyond limits. And that corrosion line will get you every time....not much allowed there.

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Thanks, Fenestron, I am definitely going to get our purchaser on this Molykote then, I know how hard that factory coating is. As for corrosion, that's what is killing them here for sure. We just scrapped a set off our fairly new B2, with less than 1200 hours on them due to pitting.


We always pack a bunch of grease in the 'Reservoir', as some call that area in the blade bore, it's the only spot grease can be laid on thick, as the rest just gets pushed out when the pin is installed. I have seen Sundstrand used for 206 driveshaft splines, but never on an Astar, I think it would be worth a try too. Thanks for the tip, Bubba...


Has anyone tried the 'Blue Grease'? We have been hearing great reviews about it. The only drawback we have heard so far is that it is so sticky, the pins are very difficult to remove in cold temperatures. But for us that wouldn't be much of a problem, we are in a mild climate, what we need is something that rain and moisture will not wash out. Any thoughts?


Thanks, guys!

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our apprentice used to work on outboard motors,so he had some prop spline grease that we tried on the small cargo swing hooks,and then on the pins,and that was the best I've seen.those 2 stroke props sit in salt water all summer and he got it at Blackfoot motorsports in Calgary


Is 'Prop Spline Grease' what it is actually called, or is there a brand name? Is it something that I will find at our local Marine shop? It sounds intriguing! :clue:

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