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As350/355 Blade Pins


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We are operating in the salty air of coastal BC, which is quite hard on the blade pins. We have tried a variety of products to lube the pins, to different levels of success. The former staff used Moly (Which was terrible.) In an effort to improve life of the pins, we have tried 355 graphited grease, (Better), and Lubriplate (The best so far, but sometimes it seems to get washed out). We have been told about 'Blue Grease', and we will be trying it next. We paint the pins with dry graphite first, and it is obvious that it helps if it is baked on.

My question is, what have you guys been using? What is your experience with these products? Is there other products out there that work well? Any insight would be appreciated. I would especially like to hear from those of you that are operating in the Gulf of Mexico, as it is an even harsher environment.


Helimat :clue:



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use non moly plasti lube, available from Aviall, never use any lubricant with Moly Disulphide on steel parts, anybody who has worked on these helicopters for any length of time should know about the service letter prohibiting moly disulphide based products on steel driveshaft splines and blade pins, as when mixed with water will turn into sulphuric acid and result in nasty pitting corrosion.


Gordon Dale

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