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Cormorant on the beach?


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Canadian military chopper forced to land in Nfld. after noise, vibration


GANDER, Nfld. (CP) - A Canadian military helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Saturday after the crew heard a loud noise and the chopper began to vibrate.


The Cormorant helicopter from Gander was heading back to base after completing a medical evacuation when the problem arose, said Lieut. Pat Jessup. The chopper landed safely about 50 kilometres east of Gander.


"There was a loud bang which caused the Cormorant to vibrate, and the crew made a controlled emergency landing on a beach in Terra Nova Lake," said Jessup, a spokesperson for the search and rescue centre in Halifax.

"They're on the beach, the crew is safe and there is no apparent damage to the aircraft."


The helicopter, with a crew of five and three civilian members of a trauma team, had been dispatched to the scene of a car accident in Twillingate, Nfld.


A patient was flown to hospital in St. John's, Nfld.


Another Cormorant crew in Gander was to fly to Terra Nova Lake to examine the stricken chopper before it will be allowed to take off again, said Jessup.



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I guess that the resounding lack of information on this story leaves little doubt as to the source of the reports of every other problem, no matter how minor, that used to follow every problem experienced by any other helicopter in Government operation.


Maybe for once, they are too busy actually fixing a problem, rather than highlighting the shortcomings of everyone else's product???


Very quiet here.


Either that, or the propaganda department are on vacation?
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They are all on vacation. Expecting to resume EC / Westland bashing sometime around the end of September...

Also all the pilots extremely busy fighting fires out West and out East with some considerable activity going on in the center...


The origin of the "bang" still unknown but it seems someone closed one of the rear doors  really hard (just kidding)   9.gif  9.gif  9.gif


Its amazing how these little events make their way to the press  14.gif14.gif14.gif


Anyway I am still waiting. They should say something about the "bang" in the near future...
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