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Ok sorry about the stereotype but what i was saying was out of the few apprentices Ive had in the last while they wernt worth the money that they were payed. Ive talked to alot of other at companies who say the same. You guys are your own worst enemies. I hope in the future you guys can prove me wrong. There are good apprentices out there but there is alot of #### too.


I find it funny no one dared to commit on my first issue of companies being proactive instaed of reactive.



I bet in five years when all the **** become licenced, You may have a tough time finding employment (edited by twinstar... profanity not required..)

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this is exactly what I was talking about. You must be an apprentice. I can tell by your attitude.


My comments were realistic from my own experiences. Dont hate me hate the game. Hopefully I can recieve more constructive feedback.



Good sir I can assure you I am not an apprentice. If I can ever figure out who you are I will indeed ensure I never have any dealings with you. I will also liberally demote your name in any circle I can. Good luck with your career with that attitude.

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Holy moly, my post has been sabotaged!

First off, this is a post about the difficulty of finding qualified AME's and what they are looking for in way of benefits etc. to keep and attract them.

Occasionally a little off topic banter is refreshing but when it leads to all out threaten of people................ that gone to far.

Whomever "snark" is has in my opinion crossed the line.

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It's good of Booster to come on site with a proactive attitude and all of less than a dozen posts.


Why don't you go back on this site and threads and see how proactive everybody is and then come back and tell us how to solve the problem.


Nobody is stating that you should not post, just tread lightly.


Some of us have been on this site for quite awhile and we still make comments with tongue in cheek.


Just try and remember that there are quite a few people on this site with probably more experience than you.


Welcome aboard anyhoo, the site is meant to be educational not confrontational.


Have fun,


Cheers, Don



PS: Go Sens, Go

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Well after personal experience I would think for companies to keep people would be to welcome them to the company, introductions all around, try not to back stab them and add cutting remarks in the first few hours on the job. Show the new licenced engineer how that company has fun on a day to day basis so they don't feel like they have 10,000 people (an exageration) telling them how to do their job. As a Director of Maintenance or floor supervisior don't tell the new guy how to do a job one way then do it "your own way" right after that.

For me there is quality of life in the hangar too, the job should be fun/enjoyable. A lot to be said for employees that are smiling more than anything else.

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As for apprentices hate to say it but you cant compare a apprentice from today to 10 years ago. Their drive just isnt there anymore. Not to stereotype


Not to beat this to death, but we just hired an apprentice, and one thing he certainly doesn't lack is drive. He has been putting in long hours for weeks and weeks, and then volunteered to be on call over the weekend if the pilots need a hand, so the engineers can have the weekend off. Cheers, New Guy!! :up:


Back to Amadao's post... What was it about again??? :blink:

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