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Chick Pilots


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who cares.....it's like swatting mosquitos.....you never can get rid of them all. just put on some spray and ignore him and his potential alter ego's.

sometime's you'll get bit and have the itch to talk with one of them, but as soon as you see it's from the same family strain, just swat the bugger and move on. they're so small and insignificant, there is no point in disecting them.

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Huler paid me......One Millions dollars if you must know....Calgary no I'm not there thats for sure



Just for the record, Hurler and Ace Star both post from the same IP address (A Telus DSL connection somewhere in the Calgary area).



Neat trick Ace, same IP address as Hurler. How'd you do it IF YOU'RE NOT THERE :up: :D

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Guest Bullet Remington



Holy Helilog Girl!

Dang, you don't post oftern but when ya do, its a real zinger!


You are the direct cause of my mind writin cheques my body can't cash!! LOL :blink::lol:


And TQN, you throw yer comments in and I've had to double up on the blood pressure pills!! :down: :P


Good to hear from ya Biggs. You get out this way some time soon?? if i recall correctly, I owe you dinner! And that's all. You and yer sista there are waaaay to fast fer me!! :shock: :wacko::huh:

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Some how this has gone way off topic. This shows you that there is a differece between Female and Male pilots. While Male pilots just talk about how they are so much better than each other all day on the internet, all the female pilots are out there working hard, trying to do a good job and prove that they really do belong in a mans world.

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GM is right. this is like watching a friggin train wreck. if the mods know who this clown is and where he is posting from, why not block him? i think that he has wasted enough of all of our time as it is. i'm even slightly disgusted with myself for replying to this pointless nonsense. bugger off hurler et al!

of course he is probably pi$$ing himself laughing that he can goad the rest of us in the first place.

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