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Whop Whop Whop!


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Ask Google a question.......



Blade-vortex interaction (BVI) noise

BVI occurs when a rotor blade passes within a close proximity of the shed tip vortices from a previous blade. This causes a rapid, impulsive change in the loading on the blade resulting in the generation of highly directional impulsive loading noise. BVI noise can occur on either the advancing or retreating side of the rotor disk and its directivity is characterized by the precise orientation of the interaction. In general, advancing side BVI noise is directed down and forward while retreating-side BVIs cause noise that is directed down and rearward. It has been shown that the main parameters governing the strength of a BVI are the distance between the blade and the vortex, the vortex strength at the time of the interaction, and how parallel or oblique the interaction is (Hardin 1987, Malovrh 2005).

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One reason I ask is that there are 3 212s in town and they make one **** of a racket.


Now, next question, how realistic is it to get in on a ride with someone sometime? I know of three 212s here, and then Canadian and Eclipse (plus the other guy whos machine always seems to be on the ground)


I REALLY want a ride, but have no cash.


Cheers, Cole (PS, if you are in the OK valley anywhere I can relocate for said helicopter ride at almost any time.) :up:

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Guest Bullet Remington
BR, I'm still trying to figure out what you sayeeeedddd?????


Geez, Don, I typed it really really slow, cuz cap told me U coouldn

t read that fast! :lol: OR, due to you being vertically challenged, I may have talked over yer head!! :P


Did you hear the Newfie car salesman selling the Nissan Bonavista???


Cheers, Don



Nope, But I saw an advertisement in Corner Brook, at the Hundyi (sp) dealer advertising a Newfie Accent for $8900.00 or there abouts!!


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Guest Bullet Remington



Naw, I'm just so full of "it" some times it just rolls outa me! :huh:




Yep ya kin aver for a buck a year, fer 8,900 years. It'll go hand in hand wit da Newfie Lottery winnin's. Ya know ya win a mil and a get a buck a year fer a million years, or til ye dies. Whichever ocurrs first! :up:

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For what it's worth...there was a red and white 204 over Canmore for about half an hour on Friday night. Not sure exactly what he was doing, have a feeling that it had something to do with a grass fire in Exshaw. At any rate, as the 204 was circling overhead, the whop, whop, was definately most loud when the machine was facing me directly, then faded.


By the way, my thanks to the driver for putting on a show and serenading us Canmorons with that beautiful sound...we're so used to hearing only the 206s and 407s.




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