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Whop Whop Whop!


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Love the (yeehaw) rope analogy. :up: As for the shock wave, I always thought those came from something on a much larger scale, like coming from an explosion or supersonic motion of a body (like Mach speed); not sure if that would apply to heli rotors. But hey! You might just have something there!


Anyhoo, welcome to verticalmag.com, marc. :bye: Congrats on winding down training and best of luck to ya on the job front. :)

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The original Whop Whop Whop was made by three Italian Nuns falling down the stairs in the convent years prior to the invention of 4/5/212 helicopters.


I always had a taxi waiting for me at the local airport when flying a 2 by 4 on the Ivory Coast, he could hear me coming ten minutes before I got there.


Don :up: :up:

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I see you're at the top of your politically-correct game today, Don. :blink::D Despite the fact it's a blessed sound :), it did not start with three Italian nuns (pinch fer you!).


It started with the chop-chop-chop sound made by the two-bladed rotor of the Bell 47/H-13 (used extensively in the Korean War), which led to the heli nickname of "chopper." :)


Personally, I think the whop, whop, whop is quieter than the chop, chop, chop. :P

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