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Ifr Vs Vfr


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At the end of this season, I am looking at taking my IFR. I have 3800 hrs (70% A-star on line) and am looking to find whether there is really some satisfaction to be had with 4 and 4 or 6 and 6, or whatever the overseas people have worked out for themselves.


I also would ask to hear from some IFR pilots cutting teeth after paying VFR dues, whether flying EMS co, or sitting in Cambridge. How is the payscale, and what is the lifestyle that we should be looking for? What are the frustrations and how many steps back in pay must one take, can you work 3, 4, 5, 6 month contract co-pilot in a '76(example), then make up the rest of the $ season doing VFR work?


Curious about the options out there and the companies that have good opportunities for someone like me, being 32, single, no dog.


For those of you who've been there and done it, and have come back to the VFR world whether temporarily, contract, permanent. What mistakes can be avoided, what misconceptions can you allay.


And finally, if you have a positive outlook on the IFR where would you go to do the IFR if you were to do it all again today? What area of work, which direction to take is the most rewarding?


Thank you for your attention to my query.


Perhaps this belongs in Employment and Training, too late, as this line is an edit.

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What an excellent thing to ask. Well I can tell you that with only a VFR you are very limited to the global market. Years ago some buddies ( who are IFR) where encouraging me to do it to open up the job market, Only this year I did it and now there are plenty more opportunities for winter work, getting a US licence is also a good idea. CHC, Heli Jet, or the Canadian air ambulance are option on where one can get started. For me it was an excellent opportunity to do some refresher book work and brush up on what I had forgotten+ the new stuff. MET as well as the other subjects covered under the HAMRA, HARON, INRAT is all extremely usefull stuff to know that in some cases transends IFR over to the VFR world. :up:


May I suggest you read the letter that I copied form CHC, what is clear that the average age of pilots is 56 years old which means that the number of retirees in the near future is huge. The demand for the IFR offshore market will increase every year. Its a good time to get it done. :up:


My suggestion is that you steer away form the insta courses that give you all the answers to the exams.. HCC and other schools provide a good learning environment and make you work for the knowledge.


A very worthwhile investment, and if you are intending to collect EI over the winter you may be eligible for funding to pay 80% of the course.


Good luck



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Line worker, go back to Jan/ Feb on this forum, and I, think if you poke around you,ll find most of the answers to your questions.

If, you still have questions, then I,ll try to help.

Hurler, and everyone else out there considering going offshore, Abu Dhabi Aviation has been hiring VFR pilots for a couple of years now for their ops in Yeman, onshore pipeline patrol for Yeman Hunt.

They have just recently started putting VFR captains in Iran, offshore, not sure whether 412 of 212, with the idea that you will have to get your IFR ticket within a year.

ADA has it,s problems, but if you are thinking of testing the waters, it might be a way of doing it, with out a big outlay of cash upfront, too late for you Hurler, as I think you have already done your IFR, but still an option.

ADA has a website, just put their name in any search engine, and you should find them.

Have fun!

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