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A Great Summer..........


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Unfortunately, Not very much PIC. If anyone should be throwing out thank-yous, it should be us. 1huvrluvr worked hard all summer to make the Base run smoothly, he was on every job that needed doing, from keeping the office and hangar clean, repairing sling gear, washing aircraft, driving fuel and materials, rigging countless loads, dealing with our vairied and valuble customers ... the list is endless. With his tireless help that we can say we are ending the best summer in the history of the Base .... Yes, it even blew 2003 out of the water, how many companies can say that ?

so....THANK YOU 1huvrluvr :up: I hope that the deal we're working on to get you into a seat next summer works out.




That last Picture of 1huvrluvr's is the 1968 Cessna 320 crash site, if you look closely behind the 407, there is debris scattered through the boulders. That aircraft went in steep and fast in early January '68. The initial engine impact craters are just behind the 407 tail in the Pic.

It was snowing during/after the crash, so the initial searches were futile, anything visible was probably well covered up overnight. The largest remaining piece would hardly cover the top of an office desk. It was actually quite visible in the summer despite never being found for 38 years. It is located at the bottom of a big deep cirque, and appeared to be travelling outbound at the time of impact. I had been over the site several times over the years, including a goat count in 2002.

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