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That is correct 412,


The AS332L's that we operate are approved for "flight in known icing" in Canada,


plus, our S92's just recieved TC approval this past fall, both aircraft are exceptional in the white sticky stuff, we could not operate the way we do without it....it is SWEEET!!!!!


Ice on a mirror





A little more airframe ice..




Intakes have the "pie plates" created from ice, yet the rotor remains clean..



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Crazy...?? nope, you ski pilots are the crazy ones, Donnie D seems to be like'n it here, and he has told me enough ski stories to keep me flying offshore while you loons tear up and down hills all winter :P



if the moo moo cow ever got near ice like that it would be a big red SPLAT!!!!! :blink:



Did ya have a good summer..?



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