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West Africa

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Having worked all over Africa and seen the results of Malaria,it is something to be truly feared.


However it is readily diagnosed by your doctor once you tell him, her that you have come from a Malaria area.


As to drugs to prevent getting it, I am not sure that I know of any.


I do not take any drugs anymore, I found that Larium was just to problamatic and quit taking it.


But....that is only my own personal decision, I would never ever suggest anyone not take Malaria drugs if you think they will help.


Bottom line if you even suspect you may have it get to a Dr. "NOW"


Chas W.

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Iroquois: You still did not state what part of west Africa you were in. Actually there are quite a few people that have been going to all parts of Africa since the early seventies that I know of.


I think that there are at least seven different strains of malaria, some are mild, other ones like in Sudan will kill you in forty eight hours.


This is not the place to get an opinion on Malaria, your doctor is.


You can check out this web site for information ONLY.




Good luck.

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Okydoky boys, Iroquois is back in the land of the flying.......


To anybody toying with the idea of getting Malaria, I would seriously think twice about it. Infact I wouldn't even think twice about it. Don't get it. Infact if I was to rate Malaria as a past time on a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give it a minus 20.


**** that disease almost smoked my ***.


Well after a few days of shaking violenlty and thinking I was a spaceman, I can seriously vouch that Doxy tabs are looking a whole lot better than they used to look.


For all those guys out there who gave me advice.




Iroquois :up:

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Well......Not only do we get to trade rib recipes and argue about unions ..this forum may actually have saved iroqouis life. Glad to hear you are OK and for the rest of you who are working in Malarial areas, if you come home and feel "fluey" get yer *** into the doctor ASAP. Not a thing to be messed with. It's a lot better now but when CHI's Malabo job started about 7 years ago every single person working there got Malaria. One friend of mine lost 30 lbs in one month and he wasn't big to start with.

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