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belly tanks

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I believe the only ones using belly tanks are the rap machines in B.C.

I havent quit figured out what good they would do. except to beat the hassle of hooking up a bucket.

My be someone can straighten me out

about why they choose to use belly tanks.

The one pilot told me they way 600lbs. I find that a waste of weight. Like anything though they must have a reason.

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I don't know why they would use them in B.C. but I know down in Southern California they use them for two reasons. You can fill them from a hydrant (or a shallow water source) and probably most important you can't drop one.lol. As for the weight issue, you will find that any of the USFS machines that use a tank carry a set of ground handling wheels, to get the tank on and off, if they have to haul any crews around. This as you can imagine is a real big hassle.


Hope your having a good summer.

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installed simplex tanks on as-350b3 last year in spain and auz, both companies have since placed multiple orders for more tanks, both operators were bucket operations before, thought that combination might catch on in canada. is anyone currently on the barrier fire, the news here in so-cal concerning anything canadian is limited. found our last night my sister is on this fire, so any info from the front lines would be appreciated.


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Hey 407 is it really a ST. I think that it's probably a B1. ZVT from Blacktusk. There aren't any 214 ST's in the country. Are you on that fire too? Getting 8s I hope. I'm still doing the dead red thing, collecting good mins but no flying8.gif

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Sorry Dude, I won't question you again. 2.gifI guess desperate times call for desperate measures. A U.S. reg. ST on a fire, very cool. I've never even seen a ST (live), looking forward to the pics.

See ya later.... 2250 kg

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The ST has a 750 Gallon Bucket, the crew (1 canadian, 1 USA) says that it weighs in at approx 9,000 lb, with an AUW of 17,000, and burns about 850 PPH. It's totally stripped out, no rear seats, no IFR instruments, strictly VFR. I have no idea how they would longline, it's a wide body aircraft, and no bubble windows in sight either? I never saw it fly yesterday, but it did go out for a while.


N-number: N241WJ

Aircraft Serial Number: 28128

Aircraft Manufacturer: BELL

Model: 214ST

Engine Manufacturer: GE


Aircraft Year: 1984


Owner Address: 2711 CENTERVILLE RD STE 400

WILMINGTON, DE, 19808-1645

Registration Date: 09-Apr-2003

Airworthiness Certificate Type : Standard

Approved Operations: Transport


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Hey 407,


ya makin any money or what???


You guys appear to be mighty busy out there according to our local and national news........good on ya, let the federallias start kick'in in the money.4.gif

this is from the rumor network there DM, .. Luc, yes, the same Luc you would probably know (HSTC) apparently has bought {2} 214ST under a US registered company. (was it his you saw)??


anyway, keep'er safe boys and make all the jink ya can. Gotta go, big day tommorrow 185th St. John's Regatta......apparently there is going to be a big party tonight on George Street, like people on the Rock need a reason to party9.gif9.gif

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