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belly tanks

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Yes Luc's 214st still has an american regestration. I got to take a good look at it in Dryden, they stopped in to try to sell it to the OMNR. They just came back from Alert working with the Canadian military..something to do with the microwave radio system. Anyway the pilots name was Dave and there was an american pilot helping Dave get a feel for the machine. Sorry I can't remember his last name. All I can say is that this machine is wild to look at and makes a 204, 205 look small in comparison. Sorry I have no pictures.

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FireHawk, the pictures of the 214ST have been submitted to caaviation, when Kyle has time, he will post them to the gallery.


Be patient my boy.


Hollywood has been working so hard, his hair turned brown, his MaMa hasn't had time to re-dye it pink, yellow, or any other rainbow of colors. He even found himself a steady squeeze...imagine that 4 weeks of fires, 5 hours/day and a new honey, life doesn't get much better...he hasn't beaked off or whined for a month 9.gif

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Belly tank indeed. No longline window on a ship that's stripped out for lifting, seems strange. Did you check out the chin bubble? Small to say the least. I'd guess that that thing is going to have a hard time getting water on the target. Maybe the co-pilot will open the door and stick his head out.4.gif

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