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belly tanks

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Yo Windy, what up? I'll pay off your tab when I get there. Let me know when is a good time to call.

The rookie is on the Chilko Lake fire flying his *** off in the B2. I'll do more than slap him when I see him next, I'd call that the scoop of the year, and the girls don't miss him. The guy could clear a room, here's and example of a line from the lad, and I quote. "So, are you drunk yet?" Didn't get him far.

Good to see you here, Windy Miller? Whats with that tag?

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4961, I just got back from the Chilko fire.

Good fire, thanks to the boys doing there back burning,I wander why they cant prevent the fire from getting bigger9.gif. keeping everyone busy. I should be going back to work by mid-week if our machine is still there, I 'll tell him. He has it pretty rough out there staying at the bed and breakfast, Good food nice scenery, You may not get him back home. Be safe out there and have fun.

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the tags a long story, more on that later. Good to see you are giving your lads all the good jobs and keeping the chaff for yourself. Maybe you could give my boss a few lessons. Tell the rookie I moved into his house and changed the decor a bit. Ask him where he wants me to send all his dresses. See you when the fires out, bring the bug too, he'll love it.

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Got that. I suppose there's even room for a mother inlaw in one of those baskets.


I walked around CYVK tonight and spoke with most of the engineers burnin' the midnight oil out on the grass with candles taped to their ball caps. The wrenches with Tasman's 212 also wondered if that had been you flying so gracefully. I must say that the crews I have met from Tasman, Hayes and VIH in YVK this week are all mighty neighbourly. Their apparent dedication, professionalism and courtesy made me wish I had a few more hrs TT and was working with them. Their employers should be proud.


Off to the Island & Pemberton in two days. I may try to stop by D.



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Warning, those baskets are a trap....!


As one pilot can attest to, young ____ _____ from _____ was waiting for a ski group in ________ when he decided that the basket looked like a warm smooth sunny spot to take a nap. He was dozing off inside the basket in the sun when a gust of wind closed (and locked) the basket lid, trapping him. Luckily, the guide and ski group did arrive to release him.

For $50 in small unmarked bills, I could be persuaded to "fill in" the missing words, that also applies to you, ____, as I could forget this whole incident for the same $$$ 9.gif3.gif

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