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New Vortex

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Yet again CTD has done a stellar job!

It seems that you again are allowed to print accident reports?

Very informative, and good.

Will wait in anticipation for the next issue to come, it will be read from end to end with no stops other than for sips of Tim Hortons!




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Yo, CTD. You're settin' the bar awfully high, don't you know? Not going to be easy keeping it up there, is it? Except, perhaps, for such an erudite scholar of the truly important things in life, eh? 10.gif

Got what I hope is a surprise for you when you drop by - unless it's wishful thinking to think you could be truly surprised. 3.gif

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Erudition and the finer things notwithstanding, it is somethimes difficult to populate the rag with relevent things. I don't want to fill it with fluff. I do appreciate the kind comments, and hope that at least something in each issue has meaning to everyone.


Surprise eh? Hmmm. Methinks this could be good.


Well, the bike left without me today for YYC, so the vacation has officially started, even if I'm not actually off myself for another 10 days. Looking forward to it....
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CTD - Told you about copies of Vortex at Air Glaciers in Sion, Switzerland, well found some more. They were at Air Zermatt in Zermatt (home of the Matterhorn) and Rega in Lausanne, alongside their new shiny new EC145.


Looks like you are going great guns with it. The feedback from these guys is it is a publication they learn a lot from and they also use it for teaching purposes.


Bet you didnt think you would find it over there. 9.gif

Heli Ops 11.gif

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Cheers Ned,


I wouldn't have thought, but I'd say over 90% of my feedback on Vortex comes from outside Canada. Not quite sure what to make of that. Nice to hear of the rag being used for teaching - we have a lot to share in Canada. Lately, I'm getting a lot of foreign operators ordering multiple copies for each base, and for the training department. I suspect it may be to have access to many copies of my picture, but I can't say for sure....
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Well CTD

It will for sure be in the lounge of some scandinavian operator or other in the near future, when I finally get to go home again!

I have my VORTEX together with the ASL and the HELIPROPS in a binder, that I let my students peruse, and sometimes it is a forced perusal, just to see that we all make mistakes. Excellent tool for Pilot Desicion Making and human factors, and it is so good to read about the little things that make the day go rotten. Makes you pay more attention to the smaller items for sure. I have yet to make a superbly stupid mistake, but there are some small ones that I pick out here and there, that makes me think harder about some practices!


Well keep up the work, and I'll keep reading it, whether it is on the net or in papercopy!
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