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Training In The Okanagan Bc


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come on rob....tell us what you really mean..... :P


hey buddy, i'm with ya all the way :up:


and when the MANUFACTURER says that he NEVER intended nor does he approve of R22's to be use for training.......


holy crap!!! how much clearer does it have to be :shock:

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im currently enrolled for the october training at OMH..........i read that you took the 115 hours course.........i decided to take the straight forward 100 hour.........although it gets you an extra 15 hours (a total of 25 on a r44) did it make you more employable in your perspective.......the pilots i ws working iwth in a bush camp in north bc said not to bother with the extra 15 hours just for the fact it doesn't really help "flying" skills cause your basicaly a 100 hour pilot at the end.........let me know it would be greatly appriciated

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I think that you should go for the extra 25 hours if you can afford it, once you have a few hours, you'll be looking at your learning curve, your confidence level, and what you can honestly say about your own ability, and though I've never flown a piston engine helicopter, I hear that the 44 is a beautiful machine.


When I finished my flight training, I remember wishing I had some more, but I was working at the end of it. I can say, that anyone wishing for a job at the end of flight training, should consider themselves to be working at the start of it.


Clean windows, wash helicopters, sweep floors, empty the garbage, watch the engineers and help them. Be the first one in, the last one out, learn. Be honest, don't kiss ***. If you are arrogant, and know it, save your money. You'll never make it unless you fake it. If you don't know it, make an effort not to be.


People are not looking for Top Gun's, they want friendly, fit, alert minds and bodies, good hands are important, good attitudes while willing to help with the peripheral is very important. Anyone too big for a small job is too small for a big job.


You will see a lot more opportunities if you work like a roughneck all the way through and DO NOT do any celebrating if you have to fly the next day. It will affect your performance, and you will dissapoint both your instructor and yourself.


I agree with Cole about the GSH school, I have been told they hire their own.

I disagree with Jeffy G,(hey this sh*t rhymes) on both of his posts, 6 and 10.

And yesss, if you can afford it train at CHL in Penticton, they hire their own as well.


There is also Peter Kelly at the same airport who used to do their abinitio, and now works for himself. I checked out EZ air a few years ago, asked for the course package, they asked for a deposit. See ya.


Be realistic to yourself about what you are getting involved in. I was told by the instructors at my school that I had more romance for the industry than I would when I'd paid my dues. Make sure your instructors have someone coming in to checkride you and tell you and your instructor where you're at and whether they think you are progressing well.


A student as a client deserves quality assurance, if your school consists of the same person training you as taking your money, then I hope you've checked out their reputation with every perspective employer before enrolling.


Things don't work out for everyone, there are a lot of people competing with you. Be prepared to really work for your rewards.

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I suggest you do the 100 hour course, then use any remaining cash on something useful, maybe 5 to 10 hours on a 206, and/or definitely some sling time on anything (other than a 22!).

If your school wants to teach slinging on a 22 as part of the 100 hour course, please ask to save the time/cash until you are on a 44 or bigger.

It's your money, dammit!.

The 44 and 22 are so close that an employer can convert you to a 44 quite easily.

But if you have a few hours on a 206 your resume will look a lot better.

Good luck on the course, OT

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Who did you train with. You mention never having flown piston? If you trained with GSH, would you mind sending me a PM?


+1 on the jetbox endorsement.


Ask about a student amed Tedd at OKMH, he did all 22 time and I believe he is now flying full time somewhere in a jetbox.


Cole B)

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Just a piece of advice for any prospective students out there from an unbiased Class 1 helicopter instructor who is not working for any school at this time but has knowledge of them all: if anyone tells you to stay clear of a certain type of aircraft or a certain school remember that the sales job has already begun.

You should ask the instructor from BC Heli what type they used to use successfully for years and why they changed?

These guys have the B.S. advantage over all of you and they are trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to selling a bigger and better course.

All instructors have to train to the same standard, it is up to the student--YOU--to become the best new pilot you can be by following their examples.

As a customer you have to learn how to cut through the B.S. and find the best place for you to learn.

You will be hard pressed to find a bad instructor technically because they are all very well trained and motivated individuals----but they may not suit you personally....so yada yada yada you get the picture.

I am currently working in industry and am always amazed at how few prospective students come around to speak with working pilots when doing research to help them in their decision making process. There is alot of insight to be gained this way without the biased views you see so much of here. Don't be intimidated we won't bite or charge you $425.00/Hr either--LOL!!

Good Luck and Happy Flying

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