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Astar Longline Windows...out Or In?

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Strange but very true sense of legalities here am afraid. Very few of these windows come without the upper window, think it is some sort of protection from crap going down the hole. The only ones have seen installed were in non longlining(is that a word?) helicopters. It is in my opinion a flight hazard to have the upper window installed.


Now how about the lower one? I can see arguements regarding the lower window in bad shape thus unservicable, ,,,,there is a difference there than just taking it out for convenience,,,,I think it is called due dilligence. I have had the window blow out in flight(improperly installed) the aicraft flew normally. IMHO the manufacturer of window should be requested to have a deviation from the stc for windowless flight. I worked with a pilot who landed in snow heliskiing and the pushed the window in thus filled the belly with snow causing the flight controls to have some binding until he cleaned it out, so perhaps should be required to not even have the aluminum cover over the window so the location(in or gooooone) can be monitored..... :down:


what do you call it,, continued airworthiness?


I do beleive I saw some kind of window where the hole was an actual tunnel downward, this would solve alot of problems and if something fell down it would not jam controls and would have similar liabilities as something getting sucked out a window, perhaps put a lip on it so bottles etc wouldn't roll into the tube,,,,,,


I really don't think airflow is an issue, I mean look at the belly of these machines the number of holes and size of the holes is as consistant as dog piss on your lawn. It is just a matter of coming to a solution which is safe and makes the job better while being "legal"




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As some of you may or may not know, some companies refuse to give there pilots an advantage when it comes to operations. Such is the case with the long line window in or out question. I for one have flowen the astar with the long line window removed, infact as soon as I start a drill job or percision lifts, out comes the window. Everyone has there way of doing thing's right or wrong, it's what they do, like remove the window, take the seat cousion out, switch the peddels around, put an arm band on your right bicept, thing's to make us all comfortabe in the cockpit and to give each of us that upper hand. That's why the bubble window in the copilot door of a medium is alway's cut out, to give the pilot slinging that little bit of an advantage, rather than the disadvantage of not doing so, and looknig through a crazed window, trying to set a drill from 100-150 feet above.


As far as debrie in the belly of the astar, I have never see this, no problem with the contols ever, both in the summer or the winter, and as far as extra stress on the belly panle, I'v never found cracking around the attachment points.


But if transport comes up to you one day and ask's where your window is you better start praying he's a reasonalbe guy, as you tell him your story.


Keep the blue side up boys.

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thats very true, everyone breaks rules to get the job done, we could give literaly thousands of examples, some small, some huge....


The thing to worry about is explaining yourself when the time comes, and it will at some point in your career.


My opinion on the debris in the belly, Yes, I've seen lots and it's dependant on your situation and surroundings. Solution.....take the panels off more frequently if the need arises and clean that crap out of there. If you can grease an oily stinky 206 everyday after the rain, you can pluck a grassy A-star after the last flight of the day.

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Geez Skully... lay off the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think anyone was calling you a liar. I think the Singer was just saying he hadn't seen the stuff in the belly before. When I dropped the belly and found all that shite I was only on the machine for a day or two... it had obviously been there for awhile... So the pilots before me could say they hadn't seen it either... capisce?



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Why not take the whole belly panel off altogether? It seems it just causes problems. Visibility, dings, grass, snow... :D

The engine cowling is pretty heavy too, with it off, you could get a few more pounds on the hook. Plus, it would give it that vintage look, kind of like a Allouette or something. :P


In all seriousness though, are we really talking about flying around with part of the fuselage missing? :wacko:

The longline windows can be replaced, without much difficulty, which would help visibility for sure. And I believe it would help with aerodynamics as well!! :blink:

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hey, if a pilot see's that something can be taken out easily, he'll do it. Thank god the 206 windows are riveted and prosealed in place. Imagine how many 206's you'd see sans front windscreens and chin bubbles because they were crazed and scratched from years of abuse (see window cleaning thread)....


now wouldn't that be a ride though....takes it back to the old days of open cockpits......many of you crusty old farts will remember those days.

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