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Mountain Performance Of The 350b3

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Hey there everyone...


Just a quick question about the B3. Besides the Everest accomplishment, I was curious about anyone's experiences using the B3 for high altitude. I am thinking mainly for transport of materials (in this case) no long lining.


Also, I am thinking about going to Eurocopter's transition training program here in the US. Has anyone else gone through the program? Worth the money?





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Wowza 130kg more than the 407. Next time as350b3 whisper that kinda stuff we don't want a certain base manager from Golden to hear about that kinda thing. Just kidding of course! Fire at will 407 Driver


I am going to echo that! WOW! 130kg.


I am just really curious about what the 350 can do (from the flying POV - seen the specs). Out here we see B3's used for search/rescue/evac all the time, so I am thinking they are doing well in the Colorado mountains. I just haven't networked with any of those pilots, so I thought I would check with the great 350 drivers in the Vertical world.



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I have a good deal of time flying both the B2 and the B3 between 6-14K in Colorado, and the inter mtn west.


The B2 performace drops quickly after 8000 and 20. I like the B3 but try finding one for under 1.6 or so used. Wait list for a new one is long. I think there is better value out there for most applications


The one machince people are forgetting here is the L4 with the high alt t/r. It is amazing, it really isnt an L. It will walk around the B2 up high, and suposedly the 407.


What I like is it is simple and the DOC is cheap. No FADEC. Gas and go. I dont like the 206 series but give me an L4 with the T/R for stuff above 10K any day. It has a few oddities, but overall I really like flying and slinging out of it.


I have been flying bags at 7.5-9k the last month ( in the l4) and it is consistantly outperforming a B2 with a longer cycle time.

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