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Pilot held over air ''joke''

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Well aparently there was some kafuffle at CYYT a while back when either an Air Canada or Canada 3000 pilot was stopped and asked to surrender his lethal nail clippers, He only replied that he was the pilot of the plane, where the security guard continued with his stronghold. Then the pilot replied with: "If I wan to hijack my own plane, I'd rather use the crash axe thats behind the seat in the cockpit" to which the screener replied: "What, you got an AXE in there"?
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Democracies are vulnerable and freedom is fragile. We are all paying the costs and suffering the consequences of what those ******** have done...

It seems that your frustration is completely misplaced. Customs are ONLY reacting to the needs of a much highter security level imposed on all of us by the events you know.

I would be a lot more than frustrated, I should say even afraid, if nothing was being done to increase security. Of course I know the costs of it and I pay them with a smile (a yellow one)
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Guest graunch1

I just did the Calgary San Francisco return trip last week and was able to sample Canadian and US security and immigration.


Departing YYC you pre-clear US customs and immigration then go through security. IT took approximately 1 minute at each of these counters. They did not make us take our shoes off but they were randomly doing such with pax. My digital camera and our cell phones were checked.


Heading north from SFO, security did not even look in my camera bag or check the cell phone. They did however make me take my sandals off and submit them to xray (killed some of the "growths" on them2.gif

All in all no big deal in either direction. I have been subjected to far tighter security in Europe since the mid-70s after the Munich Massacre at the Olympics.

Don't even think about how long it took to get through security in Tehran a few years ago.



FWIW - poorest security ---Athens

most belligerant and at the same-time ineffectual security has to be at Frankfurt.


as far as the AF guy is concerned - stick him in jail for stupidity if nothing else


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