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Cramped 206's

the pup

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depending on what style seat you have currently installed, you can do the following:


- old style seat, meaning no metal frame, cushion is velcroed down:

you can call your upholstery guy and have him make you a seat cushion with a little less foam. Spend the extra money on triple density foam and you won't notice a difference in comfort.


-new style seat, meaning metal seat frame: call Eagle in Calgary and ask them about their "low rider" seat frames. I don't know the exact amount it lowers the seat but in addition to using a little less foam it can make a huge difference.


Depending on what Serial Number ship you have and if you are willing to do away with the crash protection the metal seat frame offers, you can convert to the old style foam only seat. This option is way cheaper than the Eagle option.


Good luck.

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hey i'm a fairley tall guy and was wondering if anyone

knew of any aftermarket seats for a 206 that would allow

some more head room. or any triks? any ideas anyone?

Check out a Kenko seat. It is a sheepskin seat cushion (one piece bottom and back). I have the same problem and have used these for years. I remove the bell seat back and replace it with the kenko. It makes the seat back about 2 inches thinner and raises your butt a bit. Still retains the vertical impact crushable bottom just in case. It's not as good as the seat out of any small car but just as comfy and cooler(or warmer) than the stock crap. Works for me. I tried the lower bottom from eagle but it just raised my knees an made me sit more on my tailbone. I would really someone to stc a set of pedals with a bend in them to give an inch or two more leg room.

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if you want lots of head room get rid of the old style seat bottom and get another old style seat back...we called this setup the lowrider...this can be adjusted with hard styrafoam under the seat bottom to adjust as required....if you really want a nice setup the military makes a web seat for all 206 models...and it is really low....pottsy :up: :D

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