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Iceland and Greenland

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I thougth I might share some pictures we took on our last ferry flight across the North Atlantic.


Be sure to click on the links on some of the pictures to see all of them.


The East coast of Greenland is quite a sight from low altitude.


And this will also demonstrate to all you out there that I do have a life other than trying to get my money back from Transport Canada''s illustrious Maintenance and Manufacturing Pacific Region.


Anyhow enjoy as there are some very interesting pictures there.




The very reverend Chas W.

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Chas W.


Very nice pictures. All of them (not only the Lab one) specially the one with the Harvard T6 !!!!   9.gif


Below you have a working link. I believe yours didn't work because you posted in "normal text" and links might require "Rich Text" option (not sure)


All the story in pics 16.gif

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Great photos thanks for posting them.

Had a friend (Don McVicar RIP)who was in Ferry Command in WWTwice ferried PBYs to england via Bermuda - they lost a crew there trying to return at night on one engine - found a photo of him in the Bermuda dockyard museum.

Anyhoo I digress- must have been a great flight - wish I could have been there. (since all went well)


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