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Purchasing An R22

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to help 412's commission


Schweizer Aircraft Corporation











Engine (Lycoming) 2200

Main Rotor Transmission 4000

Tail Rotor Transmission 4200

Belt Drive System Overhaul

Upper Ball Bearings, Belt Drive Frame Assembly 3000

Lower Ball Bearings, Belt Drive Frame Assembly 3000

Idler Pulley Bearings, Belt Drive Assembly 3000









Main Transmission Ring Gear Carrier/Coupling 8000

Main Transmission Pinion Assembly 8000

Main Rotor Drive Shaft 4000

Main Rotor Hub 8000

Main Rotor Mast 13590

Main Rotor Thrust Bearing 4200

Main Rotor Pitch Bearing Shaft 4000

Main Rotor Blade Assembly 5500

Tailboom Assembly 4200

Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly 4200

Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Assembly 6000

Tail Rotor Gearbox Input Shaft 8600

Elastomeric Main Rotor Damper 6000

Tail Rotor Blade Assembly 9000

Tail Rotor Blade Retention Straps 5100

Lower Pulley Coupling Shaft 6000

Tailboom Attaching Strut Assembly 10700



Reference: Type Certificate Data Sheet #4H12; Revision 26


* Life based on 600 hours inspection and lubrication interval in accordance with the applicable Handbook of Maintenance Instructions.


** Aircraft must be operated in accordance with Lycoming Service Instruction SI-1009.

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Hello RP just wondering how much flying you are planing to do with your A/C??


For 100 to 200 grand you could just deal with a flight school and not have to be concerned with insurance, fuel, maint.......


I am likely to fly between 500-1000 HRS in the next year should I buy the AC. Thanks for all the replies, your input is greatly appreciated.



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412 Driver, that report was written in the USA over 10 years ago.......

surely Robinson or our Transport Canada have required and made major changes to the aircraft since then ????


NO !!! Oh dear.



Rookie Driver, all teasing aside, the Robinson R22 is a good helicopter.......for it's purpose.

BUT do not over-extend the machine's role. Remember, the smaller the aircraft, the smaller the safety margin.


I have several hundred hours driving them on patrol/reconnaisance type jobs, and love them for that.

Robinson, the FAA, and TC have not made major changes to the aircraft since the report above because the aircraft doesn't need changes if it is used as it was designed, and if pilots follow published procedures.


Ask yourself what you want the helicopter for. That will greatly change your choice of helicopter.

Most of us here are working/operational pilots, so we laugh a little when we hear what jobs some people try to do (sometimes tragically) with the wrong helicopter.

An R22 may be great for you, maybe not.

Choose carefully. OT.

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According to the R22 operating costs from Robinson, the 2200 hours overhaul should cost around US$95,000. The factory overhaul of a R44 Astro costs at least US$180,000.


There are two problems when shopping a used R22:

- They are overpriced

- The 12 year calendar limit is sometimes too close


I considered a B47 because it's a 3-seater, but where to buy one? There are currently 16 of them worldwide on globalplanesearch.com. One was for sale close from my home, listed US$110,000 for a 1956 ag machine with over 10,000 hours. 47s are now collector machines, and are priced accordingly.


Finally I am shopping for a conservative 300CB, since I know that they can have 3 seats.

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R22s are a great personal ship for cruising by yourself and the odds of putting on 2000hrs before wanting something bigger are very unlikely. Plus if you do decide to upgrade the 22 to 44 is a very easy conversion and the r44s are very good. You can try aerial recons website www.r44.ca they are canada's largest robinson dealership

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I had a look at GGSV. Nice machine indeed, maybe in a few years, when it has more hours and I"ll have more money. But who knows, I may also have 1000 hours and no need for a time builder :rolleyes:

The 300CB was introduced in 1995, I believe. I think I could afford an older machine and keep enough money left to fly and maintain it.

Maybe this thread should slide under the "Marketplace" topic ;)

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