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As some of you know I started my training today and well Ithought it would be cool to keep a Training Blog on here ,got the idea for it of course from my buddy Ryan who did the same thing on here when he was doing his licence awhile back.


It is certinaly a change for me to go from cleaning the helicopters and what not the last few years to now finally learning how to fly them, very exciting for me.


Anyways, Enjoy!





Well Well Well, Day 1 is done and in the history books and log book's for that matter as well with 1.1 Dual R22 time. Today's class was preety "laid back" mostly just getting all the books and paperwork and explanations for the instructors on how the training will go and how things are done.


After Studying my books for a few hours while the other students were on their flights, it was my turn to fly around 1500, seen as how I already have my radio licence and all that jazz (I have my PPL-Fixed wing and have around 85 hours in the 172) I was doing all the radio calls right from when we left the base. Nothing too major today just doing climbs, turns, descents, hovering both OGE and IGE.


One major thing that was different for me was how when collective is pulled, left pedal is applied and when collective is lowered, right pedal is applied, this took me awhile to get use too as it's the opposite from the airplane, and I will have to "chair fly" this to make sure I get accustomed to this new way of doing things. The phrase LIFT LEFT helps me remember the correct way of doing this. Geez, When I start flying Astars in a couple years its gonna be a change, so I guess it would be LIFT RIGHT then eh? Remember, It's opposite to airplanes on North American Heli's.


Hovering went well, I already knew the "joys" of learning how to hover from 2 previous Intro flights I taken, one in the R22 and the R44. So myself and the instructor practiced hovering in a field, first just with me on the cyclic, then just on the pedals, then just on the collective, then back to just the cyclic, then practiced it with myself on all 3 controls, I found it much easier to hover when I was on all 3 controls, and it seemed easier to hover when I was OGE as opposed to IGE, You know I always thought it would be easier to hover IGE because you are floating on that cushion of air, but I guess not, or is it just crazy me? :P .

With the hovering I found you make a correction movement then center the cyclic, and I found this worked for me quite well and I was able to hover decently.


Returned to base, and studied some more. All in all was a great first day.


Hope you enjoyed my update.



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Good job there Matt......and yes, your observation of having more problems hovering IGE effect is correct. Remember you are sitting "on top" of a cushion of air, a half bubble so to speak. Having said that....remember studying is just as important as flying, dig into those theory of flight books (and others)......we all want to see top marks from you.......... :up:

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Great idea Matt, just as good as old timers passing on hints or experiences, makes every one think.


Don't worry about flying the Astar, all you have to do is cross your feet.


When you get in the helicopter and start applying left cyclic, slightly aft, pull on the collective and apply left pedal automatically without thinking (mechanically) you are on your way to becoming a natural pilot. It takes between 5- 10 hours, believe it or not.


Cheers, Don


PS: No matter how many hours, enjoy, there is no life like it.

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Thanks everyone!! :prop: , Well I've flown 1.1 Dual R22 every day this week, I've been performing straight and level, climbs, turns, descents, power and airspeed changes, descending and climbing at certian speeds, hovering and also approaches.


Today we performed turns with the altimeter covered up, and at a max I gained or lost a maximum of 50 feet, went to the airport and shot some stop and go's just to get the approaches to a point on the runway, done decently on those.


I am getting very use to the LIFT LEFT and LOWER RIGHT for the power/tail rotor pedal changes, but I'm still chair flying them as well just so I make sure I can do both without having to think about it.


The hovering is coming along as well, the OGE hover is getting better and the IGE is coming along as well not as much over controlling and pitching , getting use to it and thats what I will be doing tomorrow. Still would like to get the IGE Hover down pat, but I can feel it is coming along now.


Oh, and for those who I told about when I got to fly Bell 222 for 20 or 25 minutes or so this summer when I was on vacation in Australia, think about this haha,

I went from flying a B222 to a R22, I lost a 2 :P i dont know if thats a demotion or not?!!! Alas, its going well.


Well, I think thats it for this update and I'd like to get some studying done, not too much else I can think of, so thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next installment of matt_as350's training blog! coming to you live for the beauitful west coast of British Columbia!


Keep the Shiny Side up! and have a good day



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