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Hello Hello,


volition: If I remember correctly, he's got his written done.



This past week was a interesting one, Logged about 5 hours dual consisting of pre flight test stuff, emergencies, autos, stuck pedals, etc., and polishing everything up, to better then flight test standards and not accepting any deviation of any kind, the emergencies, forced approaches and all that went well, the nav stuff was good, just have to remember "Altitude Airspeed Heading Accept No Deviation", I was then signed off on the recommendation for flight test and I was scheduled to do the test on Wednesday, so I planned the trip assigned and went thru the POH a few more times, and felt confident and ready for the test, and the day I was signed off, Tuesday, was a great day, calm winds, great vis and celings, blue sky even :shock: well then comes Wednesday, for most of the day the wind was gusting up to 25 knots, didn't let up much during the day, so, because of that, we did not do the flight test that day. So the new date for the flight test, due to examiner availability is around the 25 or 26th of this month.


Sorry the entry is so short, see you in a few weeks. Have a good day.


Next Edition: Matt's Flight Test, weather dependant (Gotta love Coastal Weather haha)



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Why is NOT having an examiner on staff a bad thing?


Youd think one would want the best possible results on said flight test, and this would consequently be the easieast thing to acheive immediately after all of the flight training. I doubt marks will be optimalized after 5 weeks of waiting for the weather to improve.




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Not many examiners on Vancouver Island. Think I might have trained with the only one. :unsure:


Not having a DFTE inhouse isn't something any school brags about. But it isn't a bad thing either, just can be a pain in the *** as Matt is experiencing. No big deal... he isn't at the 100 hour mark and not having the ride isn't holding him back. It will come, and he'll be as ready then as he is now.


Volition, there are better ways to stick up for your old school than by uttering hilarity like that.


Anyways.... lets not hijack Matts thread.


Good luck Matt!

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You can say whatever you want...I know a few places that might not hire you if you got your license from a DFTE. DFTE`s may favor there student...DFTE>>Oh, well he miss it this time, but normally he always bang on!!! I'll give him a 3!!!! DFTE>>Best friend with the flight instructor, and does not want his friend to get a failed student!!! That's why in theory I prefer the transport guy; he normally does hold any allegiance to the school. OWNER>>to the DFTE>>your going to get can he you fail this guy...blablabla. The list goes on.


P.S.>Ryan...I'm not defending my old school...I did not choose that school, and I don't like that school. Thanks

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If the school doesn't have a DFTE they should have a system in place so that students don't have to wait weeks between bookings. It's completely unacceptable to have to wait that long. I'm considering converting to rotary wing, and until now I hadn't even considered examiner availability an issue, but I certainly am after seeing this. Especially with a 60 hour conversion, there isn't time or money to screw around preparing for a flight test several times over. With west coast winter weather E&B should be a little more proactive and realize that everybody doesn't have 400+ dollars per hour to throw around doing the same lesson over and over. And no, there is nothing wrong with having a DFTE on staff, infact this demonstrates the very reason why there should be.

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