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And no, there is nothing wrong with having a DFTE on staff, infact this demonstrates the very reason why there should be.


If everyone is doing their job correctly, it shouldn't make any difference.


If the instructor is teaching and preparing the student well, and the DFTE is able to recognize that the student has been taught well, (and no, not just because it's at our school) then it should be the best of all worlds.


If we can't trust or accept the DFTE, how can we trust or accept the instructor or the school to give us the best bang for the buck?

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Matt, it was awsome to finnally meet you in person along with Tim! Above that thank you very much for dinner!! Really sorry we couldnt hang out longer, though.


Very interesting putting faces to names on this site! Speaking if which!> Ryan, Ill be out in vancouver on friday (Clapton tickets!), check your PM's!


What a good night hehe!


Good luck with the rest of your training Matt (and Tim)!

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Just a little update, I have not forgot about this blog haha, I am back to the hanger on Wednesday and will be flying a few flights of emergencies, and autos, etc. and will be having flight test in a few days.


Any tips or words of advice on the flight test? I feel confident in everything,just having a little case of the nerves even though it is still a few days away, I guess as anyone who has a checkride or test would be a little nervous haha :lol:


Have a good day,



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