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Chill, dude!! 412 did provide some good insite. As for the blog its bringing back memories from my days at flight school, and a great sense of yearning, NOW if you folks can find a way to prevent any more of my hair from turning grey and or a demostrate a technique for the safe and collective control of teenagers I will be truley impressed. :huh:


Look forward to your next in disertation, givem **** and remember keep the damm disc loaded. :up:


Fly Safe :up:





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The sun was rising from the wild and free west, I could see the pink hues and all them pretty colors and sun rise stretch across the wild blue yonder as I was driving to the hanger this morning, wondering what the day would have in store for me, I knew it had been mentioned to me a few times that I am knocking on solo's door, but I had no idea it would of been today that the heli-god's would of looked down at me from the heavens and smiled and not only gave me excellent weather but steady and smooth hands and feet which enabled me to solo today and that all important pilot judgement and reactions. The day's first flight started off with the CFI and I doing emergencies, forced approaches, and the usual stuff that is challenging and exciting yet at the same time makes you want to take up smoking :P (And No, I Intend never to start smoking, If any of you know me, my vice is Coffee :P ) and I was getting all the emergencies, making good precautionary landings and the forced approaches were going well as well, landed back at base and was told I am now ready was solo, was then called into the CFI's office and was told I was now ready and certified for solo, was issued and signed my SPP, and got the briefing on what will be different with the aircraft and it's handling when I will be solo, and was then told we will be going flying this afternoon at the airport, see how I am flying, then a possible solo.



So the afternoon comes, and feeling a little extra encouragement of that Jet A smell from a 407 that landed about 10 minutes prior (You know the smell I am talking about) and then the CFI I jet off to the airport in our trusty little R22, and come into the CZ and cross midfield, set up for downwind, and get all that set up, and I do 2 circuits, making the spot I want to land both times, the CFI tell's me I will be going solo now, reminds me of the differences on the A/C Handling and power when solo and then when he gets out, and walks away I am to lift into a hover and he will tell me what to do (hand signals), and then we had FSS asking our position so the CFI comes on and says where we are on the field and that he is sending a student solo for first time, and then FSS replies with a congratulations and as well as the B1900 on final also congratulated me, and then all of a sudden I am alone, just the whirly bird and I, it's amazing how quiet it gets on that first solo (I still remember my first airplane solo Sept16/2005), so i do my checks and start lifting into my hover, and am surprised how 1) how little power I need to hover (well let's put it this way- In the 206, I will have to gain 25-30 lbs just to meet the min. pilot weight without range extender being used) and 2) How the cyclic positioning is so different and how responsive the machine is. So I am in the hover, and the CFI indicates to me to hover taxi side-wards to the left then to the right then back to centre, so I do that, getting use to the new feeling of the R22, then was told to do a 360 clearing turn, then am given the "GO" signal, and then start my hover taxi, then comes translation,and before I know it I am out of transition, in my climb, and turning onto crosswind and downwind, make my downwind call and do my checks and then finally realized I am doing this solo :up: what a great feeling it is, then I start my descent from downwind to base and final, and come to a hover at the spot where I wanted to end up hovering, the CFI signals to me do 360 clearing turn then the "GO" signal, so I do the clearing turn, and am use to the new feel of the R22's handling at this point, and them am off for another circuit, which goes by quickly once again, then come into a hover at again, the spot where I wanted to end up, and the CFI indicates me to inch forward a bit more and then land, which is done with a smooth touchdown and a big grin and the CFI gets back in and congratulates me and then tells me to return back to base, so we lift off and head back to the base, call clear of the CZ and FSS congratulates me once again, and says good night, then I start my approach and descent back to the hanger, and make a very nice approach and a good landing, what a great way to end the day and the sky at that time is just starting to turn them pretty colors again (No, I dont really talk like this in real life, but this is my blog and I am trying to set the scene haha B) ) and you cant forget that great feeling of accomplishment and huge grin that was on my face . Pictures being taken by a freind with my digital camera as I am making my final approach and landing at the base. Well enjoy the pictures these pics were taken as the CFI and I were returning back to the hanger after doing the solo at the airport. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next edition of "Matt the new R22PIC's Blog!







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