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Thanks for all the replies!



Well, Not too much has happend since the good ol first solo. The day after the solo I got another 0.9 PIC, just doing hover practice, circuits but it felt good, none the less.


The R22 sure feels when different, even the positioning of the cyclic, and also how much power is available.


Then for the rest of the week, the weather was crap so we studied and had ground school, today as well, was ground school and studying for most of the day. Learned alot and got to review it as well, so I am understanding it even more.


Hopefully the weather clears up enough soon.


Sorry the entry is short haha.


Have a good day and thanks for reading.



NEW R22 PIC! :up:


P.S: KK2- You bet that is E&B, CFI is Jean-Marc Messmer.

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Well Well Well, Another Week Down, New Lessons learned, and those would be Advanced Take Off's and Landings and introduced today was Confined Areas.


This week I was checked out for solo flight to and from the hanger (CCR6) as we are not the Airport, I flew a few circuits off the pad here at the hanger with the instructors, then was checked out for the solo to and from the hanger, so after letting the instructor out, I blasted off solo for the airport to complete circuits and hover practice and Take Off's and Landings every 90 degrees on the compass rose at the airport. I also practiced turns around the nose, and those went surprisingly well, I had only done them once before with my instructor and they were sad to say the least, but I come back after 20 or so hours and then bam! I can do turns around the nose preety well, both to the left and to the right, the left one is not as quite as nice as the turns to the right but they are decent. The Advanced Take Off's and Landings were fun and I picked it up quite quickly, I just have to remember when I am doing them solo to anticipate the need for a shallower approach and descent becuase the a/c is that much lighter.


The Confined's were well, the High Recce and Low Recce and down pat, it's just the point to break off the teardrop and prepare for the dummy approach that is screwing me up. Im always too high, but I just start learning them today, but still I should be able to do them decently. The Questions related to the recce are all down pat (habit from fixed wing days with some changes made)


All is going well, just want to work on the confined's alot better.


Thanks for reading, until next time....




Matt :prop:

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the replies, Preety short entry sadly yet again, the weather had us grounded all week, on Friday morning though, it did look promising, so we DI'd and rolled out the machines and fuelled them up and got ready to launch, then the windy suddenly picked up and my hopes of going flying that day were squashed, my classmates that were scheduled to go dual flying went, but since I was supposed to go solo I was not flying.


My poor logbook has not been written in since the 10th of this month, but I guess not flying for a while is "industry training" eh?! haha. So for the week we were having ground school and studying, Met. in particular, so unless you guys want me to give a lesson on met., this is preety much my blog entry haha, I am gonna try and get some video of me landing (if I fly next week) so I will post that.


Thanks and have a good day,




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