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Well I hope you all had a good christmas and new years, It sure has been awhile since my last entry, I have still been practicing confined areas, and nav trips (both short and one long) and also was shown steep turns and quick stop's and quick stop 180's.


Nav: I done a long nav today, That was interesting and fun, It was a route between my base to another airport for a stop and go, then off to another airport to refuel and then to another airport returning to base, in total it took 3.0 hours and was about 167 miles round trip, The weather was good especially considering the marginal weather the BC coast has been having, so today turned out to be a great day to do the long nav trip. The trip went along without a hitch except for some turbulence and a headwind nothing too bad.


Steep turns: nothing too new here just reviewing/dusting off the cobwebs, just a little more sensitive in the heli then it was in the trusty C172.


Quick stops: One word- NEAT :up: It's amazing the versatility of the heli when it comes to quick stops and quick stop 180's, and I have only had 2 flights with them included in it. I got the hang of them pretty quickly.


I finished off today, with a TT of 53.9 Heli, so I now meet the requirements to write the written exam, But I am not going to write until I feel I am good and ready and getting 75-80% in each section in the practice exams.


Also 53.9TT Heli means I am just a little over the half way mark for the course, a interesting milestone when you look back to just a little more then 2 months when I just began this course and how far one has come in this relatively short time and looking forward to the next exciting 50 hours ahead, which I am hoping to be done by Early/Mid Feb and it look's like I will be done by then (knock on wood) and that the weather starts to improve too as well haha.


I have a few photos I took a few week's back and will include them in this post.


Still Just plugging along here, Sorry this entry was so short, Thanks again for reading, and have a good day.






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I guess that would make you legal today wouldnt it.


If I remember Boson pizza will give you a free drink or two :prop:


Did starbucks do the same? :lol:




Keep in mind you have to fly tomorow.


Cole :ninja:

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Happy Birthday Matt. You think you are only half way there, but hopefully that many hours will just be an average month of flying for you soon. All the best in the New Year, I may stop by and you can buy me a coffee on the weekend :bleh: .


Take care.

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Haha, Thanks Everyone, doesn't feel much different being 19 haha. Anyways, down to business. Since the last entry, I have started doing sloped landings with the instructor, more diversions, and more confined areas, and a progress check. I am scheduled to write my CPHEL Written exam on the 18th of this month (This coming Thursday) in YYJ, so I have been studying for that, I am currently sitting at 61 hours TT (heli).


The diversions are coming along fine, talk about learning how to multi task haha but you get the hang of it pretty quickly, nothing too new here. Some interesting places I have been diverted too as well, and I haven't lost myself yet :lol: .


The confined areas are coming along too, getting more efficient at those, and along with the sloped landings we have been going to some nice confined areas for practice.


The progress check I had with the CFI went well, which was like a mock flight test with both ground and flight sections.


Sorry this entry is so short, not too much different flights, just more solo, and the 2 dual flights (Progress check and sloped landings) the rest has been solo nav and solo confineds. Thing's will start to get interesting in the next while with the upcoming written, and my flight test could be near the end of this month or the start of February.


Thanks for reading, and have a good day!.



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Well it's friday and time for another entry,


As you can tell from my last entries I have been getting ready for the written exam, So I have not been doing very much flying been studying instead, and yesterday I made the drive to the TC Office in YYJ and wrote the CPHEL Written Exam and................PASSED! :lol: :up: :D .

Now I can get back to flying :prop: Have a good day.




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Way ta go Matt. Almost there. Im sure theres opperators everywhere waiting for you to grad so they can get you into your 407 ASAP haha :punk:


If all this weather works out looks like Ill be a PPLFW in about 2 weeks. But right now wx isnt looking so good.


Cole :cold:

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Allo Allo!


This past week alone I racked up some hours, Today (Saturday) I flew 2.5 hours PIC, I have been concentrating on general accuracy/proficiency in Diversions, Confined Areas, Sloping Ground Landings, Steep Turns and Quick Stops.


Diversions, getting use to/proficient and efficient at these now, I average 2 diversions on each solo flight, interesting places round 'these parts.


Confined Areas, getting more accurate and proficient with these, and every confined you go into is different in some way even if you were just in the same spot the week before. their is so many up around here, lots of choices and lots of good spots, it's nice to be able to land in the confined's now, of course sloping ground is usually included in the confined area landings, I find the sloping ground landing's make you a even more "smooth hands" pilot as you are "feeling the machine"when you are increasing collective. I still would like to do more confined's to get better at them and will be doing alot more in the coming weeks in addition to the flight test prep :up: .


Steep Turns/Quick Stops are coming along as well, on my flights today I had virtually little to no change in Altitude and Airspeed before, during and after the task.


Thing's I will be working on will be mostly be the same, just aiming for even more accuracy, smoothness and proficiency.


I ended this week with 69.4 Hours TT heli, getting closer to the flight test, I anticipate will happen in early February. Having fun and enjoying it all :up:


Thanks for reading.




Edit: Been having great weather the last few days, hope it lasts for a few more weeks!

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