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Hello Hello,


Another week down, a few more to do, its getting exciting, this week's flight were a mix of dual and solo, again, these flight were concentrating on accuracy and proficiency on Confined's, Steep Turns, Quick Stops, Sloped Landings, Diversions, Instrument Flying, also done some stuck pedal work dual.


Confined's and Sloped Landings are coming along nicely, getting even more smooth on the sloping ground ops, "feeling the machine" as it's said, I just have to remind myself to slow it all down and not be any kind of rush, just "feel the machine" haha. The confined's are rounding out now as well, altitude and speed control is good, and keeping the circle around the confined is good as well, just have to remind myself to always be aware of where the wind is coming from so i can be sure to alter the circle to account for this.


Quick Stops/Steep turns: Quick stops are fine, nothing major I found was catching me here, and the Steep turns I found where alot smoother when I wasn't glancing inside too much (I'm a VFR not IFR Pilot!! i have to remind my self haha) in fact on a dual flight the difference between a steep turn where I used the T&B indicator and the next steep turn without looking at the T&B indicator, the steep turn that was the most smoothest was the one that I was not looking at the T&B indicator, and it felt alot more smoother as well, so lesson learned here.


Diversions: Done a couple more diversions, some interesting ones, everything went fine here, didn't get lost and all my calculations were pretty much bang on.


Stuck Pedal Dual/ Engine Failure in hover Dual: This was interesting to learn, and the latter was just refreshing, The stuck pedal's were definitely not as bad as I thought they were going to be and I picked it up pretty quickly.


That big time is getting close now- Flight Test, I broke 75 hours this week and 30 PIC, and I should be doing my flight test by the end of next week, and my flights this week were within flight test standard, so I am just reviewing the Flight test guide and Flight exercises and all the other stuff, to refresh everything and this upcoming week I will be getting ready for the flight test. Will be a exciting week, Still enjoying it all :up: .


Thanks For reading, have a good day.



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Well Matt, after walking away from talking to you about being wx'd out yesterday I must have causght the Matt flu... My flight today was cancelled and we also cancelled my checkride for sunday.


Im delayed by two weeks aswell... not to happy about it but what can ya do? Any solutions to your problem today? Keep 'er on the bright side and hang in there man!


Cole :bye:

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Hello hello,

Thanks for the replies, The past week has been a fun and good one, thats for sure, I flew about 4 hours in the R44, and man that is a nice machine to fly, it sure loves to fly thats for sure, and on a few confined's I found myself too high because I hadnt descend enough, but I just have to tell myself now, that I have to start the descents earlier then I would in the 22. I find the 44 just alot more stable then the 22, its a real joy to fly, geez I am starting to sound like a advertisement for the R44 :wacko: . So this upcoming week I will be doing emergencies and slinging on the 44, those I am looking forward too.


Weather wise the past week was alot nicer then it has been been so I am hoping the weather will continute to hold out haha.


Well Thats it for now, next edition of Matt's Training Blog will tell about R44 Slinging and Emergencies, should make for a good entry, weather dependant of course :lol:


Thanks for reading and have a good day!



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Well, Lots to talk about this entry, Slinging in the R22 and Finishing up my R44 endorsement. The weeks weather was decent overall, hoping it stays that way for a few more weeks as I am scheduled for the flight test some time around the 5th or 6th of March.


The Slinging and Longlining in the R22 was fun and I can definitely say a learning experience, we started out with a 25ft line, then went to a 50ft line, then a 75 ft line, with and without cargo, pickup's and set down's with the load and the hook, hook up's with the line and the belly hook, how to stop the loading from swinging and what to do when the load is swinging. Overall a fun and challenging exercise, hanging out the door in all weather conditions haha, The most I had was a bit of a wind and rain, must be real "fun" with a 20 knot wind and snow. By the end of the 2 days of slinging, I found i was just starting to grasp what it was all about a real "feel" thing for the machine similar to hovering, you just have to do it haha, and had my spot nicely about 4 or 5 times.


The R44 endorsement went great, learned alot, I flew a few flights doing confined's, emergencies,auto's, engine failures in hover/hover taxi, which I found alot more smooth and slower then the R22 of course,and mountain pads, and I learned quite a bit with the mountain pads, like always take a reference where your pad is, be slow,steady and gentle (well that goes for all flying haha), one thing that I had a little trouble with was keeping the airspeed just on the edge of translation and gradually re-loading the disc and decreasing the airspeed until your just at a hover over the pad, the first flight I had some trouble with this, but went home that night and thought the whole procedure over and over again, and the next day's flight I did not have any trouble at all with the pads, but now I see why Coastal BC is such a challenging environment to fly in, with the environment and weather you can get in this region. I finished my R44 endorsement on Friday AM, with my last flight in it being emergencies, autos, confined's, and mountain pads.


Friday Afternoon, I went over the 206 RFM a few more times just to get everything drilled into my head then I went for my first flight as pilot in the 206, and wow, what a nice aircraft to fly, you just basically have to think of your turn and your already turning, so for my first 206 flight it was nothing to hard, just take off's, landing's, hovering, turns, and then done a couple of confined's and a few mountain pads, I will be doing emergencies on my next flight, So I will be finishing my time in the 206 this week, then it's back into the R22 for flight test prep and flight test, then flight test like I said is around the 5th or 6th.


Well That's it for this entry, thanks for reading, Next Edition of Matt's Training Blog, weather Dependant (haha) will include 206 emergencies.


Still having fun and cannot wait to get back working in the industry :up: Just a few more weeks.


Thanks Again for reading, have a good day.



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Well, a bit of a interesting week, 1 Dual flight in the 206 doing emergencies, 2 solo flights in the 22, and 2 dual flights in the 22, one a pre flight test and the other flight doing stuck pedal's.


The flight in the 206 doing emergencies, went well, it's amazing how much inertia the 206 blades have, I started off with a simulated hydraulic failure and that went ok, then came the Auto's both straight in and 180's, then came engine failures in hover. All the Auto's and Engine Failures were child's play compared to the R22, you have so much more time to react and everything is much smoother, its just a overall smoother ride, a joy to fly, I cant wait to finish the endorsement on it, once I am finished my flight test.


The two dual flights in the 22, went ok, stuck pedals and pre flight test, I will be doing another flight before the flight test to polish the emergencies, auto's and engine failures in the hover. The ground portion of the pre flight test went well, got 3's and 4's.


The two solo flights in the 22 were fun, one was a couple of diversions to some neat places, a nice 2.1 hour flight that ended up being, and the other solo flight was doing steep turns, confined's, slope landings, those went ok.


The big flight test is sometime this week, I was scheduled to do it tomorrow (tuesday) then I got bumped to Wednesday, but I have a feeling with the forecasted weather (oh wonderful west coast weather :blink: ) that it will not be till near the end of the week so that puts me finishing all my hours sometime mid-late next week. I am beginning to learn not to count on doing something on a specific day, but sometime during that general time frame, this is aviation after all :lol:


Well Thats it for now, thanks for reading, and have a good day!



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