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Accumulate And Average Hours Over Contracts?

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I did the full Okanagan moutain course in Banff;


I'm not aware of the "Okanagan" mountain course ever being offered in Banff? Skullcap, care to comment on that one?

My recollection was it was only offered in Pentiction? The Banff Base changed from BOW to Okanagan in '78. I have been in the area since '80.

I'm Not disputing that you took it, just never knew they ever did them over there.

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Some of the inherent crew problems that occur are(example) Pilot A goes to Ontario flys 8 a day for 2 weeks :punk: Then the crew change happens pilot B gets moved off to Armstrong where there is no action and flys 0 For two weeks. The company is basicly sitting for squat for the last 2 weeks:shock: The pilot still deserves 4 a day and should get it. 412 is a good example ensuring his 2 a day no averaging (given the old supply and demand rule might be able to get more) especially if operators come out of the smoke and realize that there is limited mediums in the country when a couple of provinces are busy. This summer I experienced averaging and not averaging with multiple agencies, and I can tell you that not averaging is the way to go :up: It was a great feeling not averaging when the disorganization of the agency we were working for had no effect on our pay cheque. It seemed to me that the agencies we work for had no problem with not averaging because of the supply and demand at the time. Although it is a lot to ask of operators to grab a set out of their wives' purses and go to their customers as an industry and make non-averaging the standard, I think input from pilots to the operators is possibly a start in obtaining this goal.



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I have just looked away from my fish bowl for the first time in 3 years, checking out companies and making inquiries about what pay is available.


Pilots and engineers salaries on longer-term contract bids has been mimicked into the job bids by a few co's, 4 hour mins for the pil/eng, paid by the client, less mins on the actual helicopters. Also, 21 day tours. I am in shock.


This approach keeps the aggressive competition on the employers side, for the client's interests the idea is to keep the same personel coming back, the trusted and reliable crew is hopefully happy, and will stay the course of the program. The employer is not responsible for the 4 hour mins to keep the crew happy, but has to guarantee that the crew will be consistent, they will reliably return.


A very good question that I will ask today due to this forum is are the **** mins averaged? I expect not.


If I could tell you the name of my employer we would all agree that though this seems simple, it is not because work is always taken on without thought as to whether we can supply the personnel, and then tours get longer, tempers short, and gone are the trusted faces.


And there is now so much work out there that there are actually a few straight up employers offering decent money with the offer of endorsements, and a life.

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There a few successful companies out there that rarely fly in averaging/cumulative provinces (i.e. Ontario), simply because it's so hard to make a decent buck!!

If they do fly there, it is on the company's terms, i.e. two-way ferry, external from the contract etc. etc...........maybe that's why they are successful.

Why go all the way to Ontario just to lose money.


These successful companies also pay their staff 4 hours minimum per day, plus good benefits. There is very little staff turn-over, and the customers love to see the helicopters and crew from these few companies on their fire/jobsite.


If you are a good pilot or engineer you can work for one of these companies.


If you are a constantly whining loser that hides behind several different names and moves from company to company, you probably won't get through the front door of the good ones.

Losers like you will have to work for those companies that continually ride the fine line of bankruptcy, take any job at any price to keep the creditors at bay, and screw their staff by paying low and/or averaged minimums, (and then blame it on the customer).


It is up to each Province to decide on their own rate policy.

It is up to the company to decide whether to fly for that Province.

It is up to the pilot (with a good attitude) to decide which company to work for, and to agree on a fair wage.......then not ***** about it later !!!


I was paid great this summer, got lot's of time-off, didn't fly much, and the boss still made a profit.

It's that easy.


Whiners, you have no-one to blame but yourself.

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