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Accumulate And Average Hours Over Contracts?

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Had a driver that works for us say, that if he was ever asked to "tent it" he would just get up in the morning and say that he didn't get any sleep and wasn't fit to fly...


What are they going to say then?


Now it is a safety issue that just won't go away.


We should all do the same if ever forced into it.

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Skidz -


I would also do the same about the food - I was really not impressed with Alberta Forestry's idea of a nutritious lunch during 2003 (just read that again - we actually got more than one :))- neither was everyone else so on one occasion some of us pushed off in a 212 and various other machines to the nearest oil camp and added it to the bill



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I agree with the post's, having been on a few fires myself.


I could be barking up the wrong tree, but shouldn't Workers Comp or the Prov. Labour Board have some thing to say about it.


As this is a safety of flight issue, should not the Transportation Safety Board become involved as it is a Federal Licencing issue for the operator and the pilots and engineers.


Did not TC state that certain inspections had to be carried out under certain conditions???????


Don't believe everything smokey the bear says.


Standards should be set by the Feds and made mandatory for all provinces.


Remember carrier's and crews come under federal rules and regs, not provincial.


But, as usual it will be talked about forever and nothing done.


Do the owners club sit in the bush with you??????


Don B)B)

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