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B) Relax. Non Commercial lasers that are used for this type of aviation harassment have a very wide beem at 1000 feet and a serious decrease in energy. The tests you guys are talking about are done in a lab, at 12 inches, in a stable environment for prologed time periods (5 min.). Try and hold a laser pen at at target 500 ft away and see how long you can keep within the size of an eyeball. You are most likely to see flashes in the cabin (green will always seem brighter due to the physiology of the eye). Now try that during the day when you can't see the beam. This is a night issue and limited to companies that are involved in night ops.... really just an distraction. You can always do what the SAC bomber pilots did and fly with an eye patch to protect them from the nuclear flash..... :up:
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From my understanding, the issue with protecting yourself from lasers while flying (not a new question in military circles) is that a visor sufficent to filter out all wavelengths likely to be encountered would actually be opaque to visible light.


As far as NVG's go, they absolutely do magnify visible light by 5000X or more...but in order for the NVG's to damage your eyes, the tubes in them would have to be capable of generating a light of sufficent intensity to damage the retina - and the modls that I've used (AN/PVS-7 single tube) can't do that. A laser would obviosly cause your pupils to contract and render you temporarily blind because of the rapid change in light conditions (just like when somebody turns on the lights when the badguys are using NVG's in a movie). Obviously not a good thing to happen while you're the pilot of an aircraft.

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