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The Lama

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I recently went to work for a company who operates 3 Lama's. Drills, Seismic, fire, powerline const etc...


The last job I was on before my break was bag flying at 7-8k. Most days I could fly 8 bags at a time. The only bad thing about that job was the F**** bagrunner they got. This stupid magnet thing!!! ok off my soap box ( I want my cones back)



I absolutely love flying the thing. Most of my peers thought I was crazy to move from Astar's, and Mediums to the Lama. It is very simple and it talks to you like no other machine I have ever flown. I guess it all about what you like flying.


I had an AirZermatt poseter as a kid with the Matterhorn in the back ground and have ben enamoured with the thing ever since... ( anyone got one of those hanging aorund they would part with)


It is the MOST STABLE sling platform I have ever flown. It has the best visibility of any aircraft with a bubble I have ever flown.


One thing with the Lama is you need an engineer who really knows what he is doing on the thing. We are very lucky both the engineers I work with have 20+ years of Lama time and worked for HeliBol and other South American operators for a long time.


Yes it is loud. It burns a gallon a minute and will yank stumps out of the ground.. Got to love it.



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I stand corrected. :)


The B3 holds the record for highest altitude LANDING. And the longest auto was completed immediately following the Lama's record-breaking flight mentioned by porter when it ran out of fuel... :rolleyes:


I might be wrong too, but I had heard the autorotation followed a engine flameout due to the thin air at altitude, rather than a shortage of fuel. Anyone know for sure?

They are certainly cool machines anyway! I like to see old beasts that still have a purpose, so many years after they were designed.

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Hi Guys,


The record for the highest helicopter is now held by Fred North. 12954m.


He works for us as a camera pilot. Check it out. You may have to cut and paste.



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The B3 holds the record for highest altitude LANDING.


The worlds highest "toe-in". A landing would assume that you could release the controls and maybe exit the aircraft or such. The video shown of this record flight is with the A/C toeing in to the mountain. It also states somewhere on the site with all the info about this record that the wind was blowing 60 to 70 knots. More like controlled forward flight with the skids touching the mountain.


All that being said it is all still very impressive and even more impressive is the fellow in the B2 flying to over 12,000 metres. I wonder what a 214B could do .....

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Big Sky, If I am coming all that way you better get the weekend off. See you in a couple weeks and no excuses! I garantee you will be glad you came!!!



Farmer nothing I would like better than to hook up with you in the land of smiles!

I will let you know, I am trying to swing the days off! :afro:

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