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4 Hr Mins.?

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So how many of you folks figure it is worth sitting at an IA Base from 08:00 to 21:00 for 4 hour mins. which may or may not be averaged over 3 -4 days?

I for one would be happy to see 4 hr. mins mean from 08:00 to 16:00 and if the customer (who should by no means dictate what we charge for our time and aircraft) want the machine to stay until 20:00 or later, the mins should be bumped to 6 hrs.

A lot of folks seem to crap out on the HAC as a "owners" lobby group, but if some of us pilots start standing up for what we are worth, and start getting more involved, the HAC and customers will have to listen.

Want to make some changes? Ever told Westjet that you will only pay them X dollars to fly you from A to B? Do you expect to get a 14 hr. massage if you only pay for 4 hrs.?

If you don't think your time, expertise, the aircraft which supports you and yours is worth more, reply to some other thread.

This issue has to come from the grassroots, so after 3 R&C, I look forward to your comments.


The Dog

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Interesting topic... I was pondering the very same thing recently. It is funny that the aircraft gets up to $2600 an hour (medium) and the pilot only gets at the most 100 of that. Granted the a/c needs to be paid for...but it will not go anywhere without a driver. So why the large discrepency? Lawyers make well over $100/hr

So why don't heli pilots..the risks are greater...the responsibilities are higher...explain why we do not get paid accordingly?


I hate unions..totally feel the market should dictate prices and wages...but the market seems to be confused!


Next time you are setting a drill on the side of a cliff with no apparent LZ below you, or moving bags in the leaward side of a hill, bucketing on some fire in the middle of nowhere, or getting high paying skiers to their destination 15 times a day in not so hospitable weather...ask yourself...am I getting paid what I deserve????


It really makes no sense! But then...most of us fly cause we love it! And that unfortnately is our demise...Passion and desire do not pay the bills...but we would not want to do anything else, I guess we are all destined to be underpaid!


If only they could do a reality show about helicopter pilots!! TeeHee



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" and the pilot only gets at the most 100 of that.... So why the large discrepency? Lawyers make well over $100/hr"


i think you better have a talk with your boss. Delta paid $200.00 per hour and so does Campbell, so sitting around all day for 4 hours wasn't so hard to take... although flying 8 hours always put a smile on my face :up:


dang, my lawyer cost me $200.00 an hour and now i make what he does :P


the 4 hour mins are fine...screw the averaging!!

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I agree wholeheartedly (8 cylinder word) with the concept of 4hr minimums for a Dolly Parton day of 9 to 5 and a total of 6hrs if extended.


This should be considered a standby rate even if the helo is not flown (daily rate , not averaged) the only consideration that should be given the charterer (customer) is a reduction in the hourly when the helo is not flown, ie. reduced by the manufacturers hourly maintenance costs.




PS: Then there is the monthly standby rate including all costs up to a minimum of stated hours flown, this can be calculated up to the minimum adding maint. costs when the helo is flown.


This has to be adjusted upwards when hours exceed the minimums, as costs increase, the more hours flown.

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When questioning the use of averaged mins, we are told "well, the customer likes them". I'm sure they do. The companies and crews are both being screwed using averaging. I totally agree with 6 hours after eight hours standby. The age old problem rears it"s head, how do you get all the opertators to implement this? Personally, I try to avoid working afs if possible. Maybe it's just me, but I think all the good people have left government and gone to industry for various reasons-mostly money and we are left with a variety of bungling dolts to "manage our forests".

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"i think you better have a talk with your boss. Delta paid $200.00 per hour and so does Campbell"


Yes I am sure they do... but not everyone is paid a straight hourly wage. Some of us our on salary or day rates. Pretty sure that there are no "boss's" payin $200 an hour on top of the aformentioned.



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Budda was on fire was he, oooh that's trouble.


Things are good, I'm at home and have been for a couple of weeks now, but that's the fall I suppose. Last tour was a good one.


So I make enough as it is, do I? Well you just voted yourself off my negotiation dream team for the winter contracts.


Have a good tour pal. I see you the next time I'm in K-town.

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