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Dominion-pegasus Helicopters Pilots And Engineers

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My, my you all are providing me with scads of entertainment.............please, please continue and add Yours Truly to the list as one of those who encountered serious problems with STP also while landing at QNS&L Oreway, PQ/Lab.


Nice to hear where old buddy Mel Barton is supposedly hanging-out these days. Last time I saw him he was flying sheep from Australia - Hong Kong in a gutted-out DC-10 an an ex-Air India Captain as co-jo.


Please do not get into "adventure stories" concerning many of the aforementioned because the Doctor tells me that I am not supposed to strain my stomach muscles quite yet until recuperated further. I am allowed to grin a lot though. :D

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Rotary Wing


Let's see now........somewhere in my keepsakes I have that Hummingbird and a western one, a Newfie one and a French-Canadian one. It got so at one point that I had velcro on the backs of all of them so as to honour each contract properly and keep the waters tranquil. :D



Max Continuous ---------that's the same Richard Voss that was about two axe handles high and one axe handle in width. Went ti IFR, then to the Far East, fell madly in love and called it home from then on except for visits back home. I was told some years ago that he had enough kids that he would almost have to charter a plane to get them all back here for a visit. :lol:

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Max Continuous ---------- too long ago to remember exactly who Richard was with when he arrived in Thailand. You could be correct, although I though it was Okie or one of it's derivitives.


Hold on to that crest because it's a collector's item buddy. That type of item traces back to "when the air was clean and sex was dirty". :lol:



Elvis -------- you TOO are no kid......that was also a long time ago. :(

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