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Dominion-pegasus Helicopters Pilots And Engineers

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Yep thats the Richard. Wasn't that a mapping contract in Thailand with Kenting?

I know that his wife was Thai.

You should see him standing beside Richard Rondeau. (Conan)



there was an engineer - leroy laybourne - from kenting who went to thailand with the 412's on a mapping contract and found a thai wife. he is back in canada though, i beleive he is with highland in bc

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:rolleyes: Back to the Dom-Peg thread again. This past week I happened to meet an old friend who I worked with at DP in the mid 70's and he just happened to have an old employee list. Some of the people I know where they are and what they're doing, but others I don't have a clue. If ya know about any of these guys, let us know.

Cliff Arnott

Mart Battick

Doug Beamish

Al Biggerstaff

Ed Burtch

Carlos DeCampos

Gary Gorgichuck

John Duan

Chris Franklin

Jud Gordon

Martin Hobbs

John O'Neill

Gary Richter

John Stewart

Mario Svalbe

Bill Batchelor

Randy Clark

Roger Fortin

Rick Gilland

Kelly Hague

Wayne Kennerknecht

Angus MacDougall

Len MacTaggart

Steve Smith

Ted Staines

Tom Marsden

Jon Busby

Jim Lyon

Walter Sicinski

Buck Spears

Buck Rogers

Thanks for any help you can give. Kinda brings back memories for some of ya eh! :up:

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Yupper, Elvis. I do have many more names, but lots of 'em I know about, some are deceased and some of the names I don't remember who they are. I just picked out some names that I'm completely in the dark about!!! :shock:

How ya doin? Man, ya must live with the computer eh! I see that some days you are on rather early and quite late! Have a good day there Elvis.

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