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Enstrom Video

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Looked like he tried to take off timing it with the swell. If the tie down on the rear right wasn't removed it makes sense that he pitched back and put the tr on the deck. That guy on the deck behind him sure was lucky and the pilot reacted quickly to get it to stay upright and on the deck. Good job!

It actually looks alot like a Greenpeace ship I landed on off Prince Rupert with Customs officers. That net on the deck is just asking for the skid to get hooked with an Astar. The resonance tabs on the skids make a great snagging tool.

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I would be so pissed off if people were standing under my blade tips on sut down when the blades are no longer being powerd by the engine!!!


Did you hear how windy it was...there were five guys under there!!


I don't know what happent to mess up the pilots departure but he did a heck of a good job to keep it shinny side up.

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It looks, from the video, that the first deckhand points to the rear of the opposite side and motions for another deckhand to get over there.


The other deckhand appears to be doing something awfully similar to something like, say for instance, undoing a strap to the rear of the skidtube and yet nothing is done to ensure the pilot is made aware and should hold position.


Looks like a breakdown in communication that could have had a far worse outcome.

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