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Audio Exceedance Warning


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Got this straight off the little black box in the trunk, haven't called to confirm but anyone interested can try.


Aero-Dyne Repair Services Ltd.

Phone (403) 760-3317

Fax (403) 762-0844

email aerodyne@telusplanet.net


Good Luck all





p.s. any yes it does have a graduated tone that gets more frequent as you pull in more power or get closer to an excedence(sp). This is set up by the engineer as when you want it to start beeping.

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I found this......


STC Number:



This certificate issued to:

Aero-Dyne Repair Services Ltd.


STC Holder's Address:

P O Box 3966

Olds ALberta T4H 1P7



Description of the Type Design Change:

Installation of Helicopter Performance Monitoring System is to be done in accordance with Aero-Dyne Repair Services Engineering Order (EO) EO332101, Revision 1, dated July 25, 2003, or later Transport Canada approved revision. Audio option is to be installed in accordance with Aero-Dyne Repair Services Engineering Order (EO) EO332102, dated April 2, 2003, or later Transport Canada approved revisions.


Application Date:




Issued, 02/09/2005


Responsible Office:

ANE-170 New York Aircraft Certification Office Tel: (516) 228-7300


TC Number -- Make -- Model:

H2SW -- Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) -- 206B

H2SW -- Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) -- 206L

H2SW -- Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) -- 206L-1

H2SW -- Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) -- 206L-3

H2SW -- Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) -- 206L-4


and then canada 411 brought up this...


Aerodyne Aviation Services

Address : 225-16 Midlake Boulevard SE, Calgary, AB T2X 2X7

Telephone : 403-254-0250

Category :

Directory : Calgary

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Have used Peter Jenkin's system and think very, very highly of it.......at the Main Hangar or away from it. The Society of Chief Engineers just loves the system and the members of The Liar's Club positively detest it. ;):lol:



I agree with your post Cap, that's why I stated a method of recording overtemps and overtourques.


As a jack of all trades in the industry, I would not run a company without them.


The whole system pays for itself and should be mandated by any insurance company that wants to save dollars and companies that want to have some control over the hot-shots flying their machines.



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We have a couple of Pete's boxes and they are great :up: The only down side I have ever heard is that some pilots find them incredibly heavy (200-300 lbs.)...'cause that drill they use to move they can't anymore :shock: :shock:

actual weight--- 3.3lbs.


On a similar vein I had an operations type slagging exceedance monitors as they cause higher maintenance costs and increased downtime due to hot end and over torque inspections - hmmmm wonder if these would occur nearly as often if we stuck to flight manual performance, after all that is what we're paid for.



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